Day: January 1, 2023

Voices: Ten of the biggest victories for animal welfare in 2022.

What a beautiful voice !!

We are all animals: sentient, sensitive, and emotionally complex. But other species aren’t always treated with the respect, dignity, and compassion they deserve. Humans have long exploited other animals for experimentation, food, clothing, and entertainment. But this year (2022) saw a big shift in that mindset.

Here are 10 ways the world became a kinder place in 2022:

Fur isn’t fashion

England scraps glue traps

Living, feeling beings are not laboratory equipment

Saving bears

No foie gras at Buckingham Palace

Freedom for dolphins

Beagle rescue

A knockout blow to blood sport

We repeat: living, feeling beings are not laboratory equipment

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Voices: Ten of the biggest victories for animal welfare in 2022 (

Regards Mark

England (London): New Years Eve Fireworks 2022 into 2023. Enjoy !

There have been some amazing new year firework displays all over the world; but London is ‘our patch’ so we want to show you what happened here – 31st December 2022.

Party time in London ! – the 2022 / into 23 new years eve firework display.

At 3 min 30 secs it is great to see recognition and support for the Ukrainian people and other nations around the world.

I hope that 2023 turns out to be a lot better for our Ukrainian friends; that they witness the end of the war started by Russia, and that they can eventually start returning home to enjoy their wonderful nation again.

Lets hope 2023 is a better year for all.

Regards Mark