Day: January 2, 2023

England (South Coast): It Started As A Christmas Walk Along the Beach For 2 Ladies – But Ended With Them Fully Dressed, Spending 20 Minutes In The Icy Sea Rescuing A Stranded Dolphin.

The incident happened in Hastings, East Sussex on December 29 (Picture: SWNS)© Provided by Metro

England – South Coast – Women out for a Christmas Walk end up saving a stranded dolphin.

Two women jumped into icy sea to rescue dolphin trapped in rock gulley by tide (

Something real special at Christmas – well done them !

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They battled with the icy waves for about 20 minutes (Picture: SWNS)© Provided by Metro

The animal was finally freed before swimming off in the direction of Bexhill (Picture: SWNS)© Provided by Metro

USA: Reasons for Hope By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. “Overall, 2022 was a pretty good year for nonhumans and a model for the future”.

Overall, 2022 was a pretty good year for nonhumans and a model for the future.

During the past month, many people have written to me and asked me to summarize some good news for the plight of nonhuman animals (animals) from the past year of 2022. It’s far too easy to focus on the downside of animal well-being and many people are tired of hearing all the bad things—there are many—but, as it turns out, there were many victories for other animals during the past year.1 This is not to say that much more can’t be done

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Reasons for Hope: What Went Right for Animals in 2022 | Psychology Today

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Spain: Animal Lovers and Activists Walk In Madrid Against Animal Abandonment.

Animal lovers in Madrid showed some puppy love during this festive period, as they embarked on the San Perrestre walk against animal abandonment.

The annual event, which was organised by the animal protection group El Refugio, reminds us that dogs are not just for Christmas.

“This is the third time we have come to support the shelter and we are very happy to support especially the dogs that need a home,” said one participant.

The event aims to highlight the growing need to adopt cats and dogs that have been abandoned and neglected.

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Animal lovers in Madrid embark on dog walk against animal abandonment (

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