Mongolia: Mongolia is on the brink of passing its first ever animal law. 300,000 homeless animals will be spared a violent, senseless death. Please Donate And Support Veterinary Equipment.

Hi Mark,

I am still haunted by the animals I met in Mongolia.

No longer! This abuse could soon be illegal.

Mongolia is on the brink of passing its first ever animal law. Thank you so much for your support to make this dream a reality!

If the Pet Rights Act becomes a law, all this ends. And 300,000 homeless animals will be spared a violent, senseless death.

Shooting and poisoning homeless dogs may soon be history!

This is a big step forward. But even if the law passes and homeless animals are safe from poisoners and shooters, they are still in danger…

Only one vet clinic in the capital city of Mongolia has an X-ray machine. This one machine has to help over 500,000 dogs and cats!

An X-ray is vital to find out what’s wrong and treat it. And so many street animals are hurt…

When Baby broke her leg, an X-ray saved her life

Every year, over 100 animals die because they needed an X-ray…

Mark, I know you are reading this because you want to help these poor animals. Will you act to help them now?

Your donation today will help dogs and cats who are hurt and homeless in the cold. Please give what you can!

We are 20% of the way to our goal of $30,000. But we need more help…

I’m worried we won’t reach our goal. If that happens, we can’t buy the X-ray and animals will keep suffering. We can’t let that happen!

Can you give today to help the animals feel better sooner?

The faster we reach our goal, the more dogs and cats we can save. With your help, the animals have a chance. They need you now.

It’s very important. Animals are dying without the X-ray machine.

If you help today, we can reach our goal and send an X-ray machine to our friends at Lucky Paws in Mongolia.

Fleur Dawes
Communications Director
In Defense of Animals

P.S. There’s no time to waste — we must reach our X-ray goal a.s.a.p.! It takes just a moment to donate, and your gift will have a huge impact where these animals need it most. Thank you for acting fast and giving whatever you can right now.

Donation Link:

Dying For Diagnosis (

There is an animal overpopulation and neglect crisis happening in Mongolia. Animals are dumped in dumpsters and abandoned. Homeless animals are abused in the streets or hit by cars.

Each year around 750 dogs and cats die or live on with agonizing long-term effects after suffering injuries that require an X-ray to deliver a critical diagnosis. Mongolia is a primarily a rural developing country and there is only 1 veterinary X-ray machine available for 3 million people!

In the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, where over 500,000 cats and dogs live, there are only 15 veterinary clinics specialized in treating animal companions. But only one clinic in the entire city has an X-ray machine that can diagnose injuries and diseases!

Please do not let animals continue to die simply because they cannot be diagnosed for lack of equipment. We urgently need to raise $30,000 to buy an X-ray machine so that no more innocent dogs and cats die without diagnosis!

Every animal unlucky enough to suffer a painful broken bone deserves use of this simple yet life-giving apparatus. Please make this a reality today.

With your help today we can reach our goal to supply an X-ray to our partner, Lucky Paws in Mongolia.

Regards Mark

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