Why do people enjoy wearing violent suffering and decomp?

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Why do people enjoy wearing violent suffering and decomp? | Our Compass (our-compass.org)

Why do people enjoy wearing violent suffering and decomp?

APRIL 18, 2023

Source Real Fur Film


Please sign petition HERE to Ban Fur Farms in Canada

Related, please sign petition demanding department store Dillard’s be fur-free HERE

You can also send Dillard’s a message via their Contact Us page or via their floating Feedback button on the right-hand side of their site

Please visit HERE to reserve your free ticket for the private screening of Real Fur: “A documentary uncovering the true cost of fur in the fashion industry.”


Fur farms are not only cruel to animals but also pollute the planet and cause zoonotic diseases. Contrary to the belief that real fur is “natural” and better for the environment, fur production actually destroys the environment in various ways. 

Over 75 percent of zoonotic diseases (according to the WHO) are caused because of close proximity to animals kept on farms.

In November 2021, the Animal Save Movement joined a global movement to ban fur farms. We took part in the #MakeFurFarmsHistory campaign which included protests in over 10 countries and a letter-writing campaign to ban fur farms in Canada. 

Thanks to these actions and the support of the community, a bill was introduced into Canada’s parliament that calls for a federal ban on fur farms. 

Curious to learn more about fur in the fashion industry? Want to find out how you can take action to help animals on fur farms? Join us and our friends at Arise Productions for the private screening of Real Fur – a documentary uncovering the true cost of fur in the fashion industry.

See the award-winning documentary film, meet director Taimoor Choudhry, and hear from prominent animal rights leaders: Camille Labchuk, Lesley Fox, Ashley Byrne, and Jenny McQueen, who are part of a discussion panel.

When: April 25 at 4:30PM PDT/ 7:30PM EDT
Where: Online on Eventive 
How: Reserve your free ticket HERE

And FYI: for those people who are so superficial and need to demonstrate to the world their healthy portfolios, do what other people do and buy a sports team or have a school named after you, there is ZERO legitimacy to fur. ZERO.

And for others with lesser incomes who buy “fur-lined” products, remember that animals suffer just as much for a “little” fur, they aren’t just a “little” dead. And for those who opt for faux fur, it’s important to note that many times, real fur is actually disguised as fake fur when real fur costs less (do remember that the life of the animal is priceless), please see The Guardian’s How To Tell If Faux Fur Is Actually Real Furthermore, some items are not required to include labels that designate fur as real or faux. Just leave it out altogether.

I became vegan after watching a documentary on fur, it was after seeing a dog tortured for his fur that I became aware that ALL animal exploitation is related, the cows who are forcibly impregnated overandoverandoverandover until their abused bodies no longer produce milk at a profitable level and who are then violently killed, suffer as mink do, who are forced to endure squalor, neglect, and disease, and then who are agonizingly gassed for their fur.

… In other words, don’t feign shock about fur if you’re still eating animals, the foundation of animal exploitation fuels and includes ALL animal exploitation, if you eat “bacon”, you’re deliberately supporting animals being anally electrocuted so their fur isn’t damaged during the “killing phase” of “fur farming”. And the US fur industry (used to if no longer) reprehensibly promotes that, since they kill animals onsite, they’re more “humane” than “food farming” slaughterhouses where animals are forced to endure further trauma via transport. Imagine using the death industry as a benchmark of ethics for your death industry.

Why do people conveniently neglect the THIRD option, which is to NOT SUPPORT ANY?

Because it’s really sad that I have to say this: stealing another’s fur is depraved, nothing but selfish, privileged, greedy, and barbarically cruel.

There is a special corner of hell reserved for those humans. Enjoy the bonfire. SL

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People see what justifies or suits their choices
Oblivious to the suffering of others
And to those of more
Enlightened voices

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Regards Mark

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