US: Let Dairy Die!



On Tuesday, the speech by ex-US Vice President Joe Biden, who was on stage with his wife and sister in Los Angeles, was disrupted. Women with posters that read “LET DAIRY DIE” protested while Biden was confident about his chances of winning.

The protesting women interrupted Joe Biden’s speech very briefly. They were carried away by folders in the background. The ex-vice president turned to see what was going on, but then continued to speak in the speech – without mentioning the protest (see video embedded above).

let dairy die pg

“Let Dairy Die” is the slogan of animal rights activists who belong to the “Direct Action Everywhere” group and advocate vegan life.


In mid-February, activists from the same group interrupted an event by Bernie Sanders. According to organizers, the women were arrested.

On its Facebook page, “Let Dairy Die” writes: “The dairy industry is one of the cruellest forms of animal exploitation, and our rulers support it. Mother cows are torn away from their babies after birth and they go through a cycle of coercive measures until their production levels reach a level It drops to levels where they are no longer “profitable” and then they are sent to slaughter. Young cattle are killed for veal (if they are male) and exploited for milk production (if they are female). We have to face this injustice to draw attention!”

According to the US media, agriculture is not a major concern in the program of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.


And I mean…With a record level of almost 47.0 million tons of meat a year, one can imagine how difficult it is to steer this society towards veganism and to tackle the strong meat advertising.

We thank the animal rights activists Let Dairy Die and promise that we will report wherever and whenever they organize such great activities.

My best regards to all, Venus

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