Cesar Millan: an animal torturer par excellence

The self-proclaimed “dog whisperer” became known for his TV series of the same name. To help dogs with behavioral problems, their owners keep turning to Cesar Millan. We explain to you why this is not a good idea.

1. Cesar Millan’s “tools”
Millan uses electric shock and strangle collars so that the dogs do what he wants. The result is mostly scared and panicked animals.

cesar millan mit Hundmit

2. Pressure and violence
Cesar Millan works with the approach of wanting to be a pack leader. That’s why he uses intimidating and violent training methods that can turn dogs into time bombs. The Hanover Administrative Court (Germany), has clarified why Millan’s methods are not compatible with the Animal Welfare Act.

cesar millann

3. Disrupted trust relationships
Even if Millan speaks of “communication and understanding”, he does everything to make the dogs react out of sheer fear. A relationship of trust between dog and person cannot develop if dogs are punished and mistreated.

4. Outdated methods
Millan’s methods, which are based on the pack theory, are ancient and have long been considered outdated. Dogs are family members and should be treated as such.


5. Merchandise contrary to animal welfare
Cesar Millan sells an endless strangle collar and a dog crate, which he recommends for “storing” the proteges – not just for transport, but also for the night or when the keeper leaves the house. When you take in a dog, you also have to be able to spend the time looking after it.

Kleines Kind mit grossem Hund_n

6. Cruelty to animals on video
There are many videos on the Internet that show that Cesar Millan terrifies the dogs and puts animals at risk. In such a video, he “trains” a dog that has already killed a pig. He lets go of the dog without a leash or muzzle on a pig that is held by an assistant. At least one animal is injured by the dog.

7. No glimmer of proper dog training
Reputable dog trainers work with positive reinforcement and, unlike Cesar Millan, have a successfully passed specialist examination. Despite interpreters in Lower Saxony (Germany), Millan did not pass them.

Please do not attend any shows and certainly not the Cesar Millan “dog school” and also clarify your surroundings about the animal torturing methods of the self-proclaimed “dog whisperer”.


Cesar MIllan No

Some information about Cesar Millan…The story of Cesar Millan is often told as a typical story of how one of washing dishes becomes a millionaire! about a young man who breaks away from a simple life on a Mexican farm and crosses the border to realize the American dream. That is exactly what happened.
He became known to millions of viewers worldwide as the Dog Whisperer over the course of nine seasons on the National Geographic Channel.

cesar MIllanpg

When he was 13 he had planned to be the best dog trainer in the world and he didn’t want to do it in Mexico. Inspired by the immaculately trained dogs he saw in television reviews of Lassie and The Adventures by Rin Tin Tin, Millan had his sights set on Hollywood and was convinced that his talents would be very welcome there.

Using the first English sentence he ever learned (“do you have application for work?”), Millan managed to arrange some part-time hours in a local dog groomer’s office. The owners were instantly impressed with his assertive handling of larger, aggressive dogs that had previously been impossible to control.

Millan saw the value in this and, after moving to Inglewood, decided to start charging for a group dog-walking service.

He quickly attracted attention with his unusual (and very much illegal) style of walking his group off leash, quickly earning a reputation as “the Mexican guy who can walk a pack of dogs.

cesar millan-996x562
He has been known to millions of viewers worldwide as Dog Whisperer for nine seasons and up to 2002 on the National Geographic Channel.

The incident with Gator, the Labrador, is not the only allegation of animal cruelty that Millan has faced.
Producer FLODY SUAREZ alleges his Labrador GATOR was nearly choked by a collar and forced to run on a treadmill at Millan’s Los Angeles-based Dog Psychology Center, resulting in painful injuries.

According to legal papers filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Gator had to be rushed to a vet an hour after being dropped off at Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Centre. The dog was reportedly “bleeding from his mouth and nose, in an oxygen tent gasping for breath with severe bruising to his back inner thighs.”

The Dog Psychology Centre was unavailable to comment and a spokesman for the National Geographic Channel said it had not been served with a lawsuit.

In his book “Be the Pack Leader”, Cesar Millan explains that he simply gives pleasure and is such a wonderful exhilaration to control a dog and to be able to command him to stay on foot and to do this and that.
How great when the dog crawls on the ground in fear when it approaches. So the desire to dominate. I am born Alpha, the pack leader, the leader of the pack, Millan’s motto.
My motto about Millan is that he’s a shit Charlatan.
And if you share his methods and principles, I would highly recommend psychotherapy.

My best regards to all, Venus

5 thoughts on “Cesar Millan: an animal torturer par excellence”

  1. He is doing the best for the dog, otherwise these dogs are a danger to there owners.. what would you do with a vicious dog! What! put it down at vet, animals are a reflection of what they have been through in life!! Usually there past owners..so I think he is doing more than most..


    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Cesar Millan’s method is not about dogs that are difficult or vicious in any way, but about how each dog should submit to humans.
      His method aims to subdue dogs in various ways and make them compliant.

      In a brochure, which he always distributes before his appearances, it says: “When approaching people below 3.6 m, the dog must begin to crouch, pull in its tail below 1.2 m and be “ready to be subordinate”.
      A dog that behaves in this way towards people is mentally disturbed.
      THESE dogs actually become unpredictable and could suddenly bite.
      Anyone who is always threatened will strike back at some point.

      Millan’s method turns dogs into psychological cripples, with broken personalities. This is dangerous for everyone involved, especially for the dog.

      For submission, he recommends the “Illusion” choke collar at a price of € 75.
      It is forbidden in Germany and other EU countries.

      Millan said that even if dogs were screaming in pain, they would not feel pain if they were electrocuted because they could not think logically like humans.

      It would be a great pleasure for me to throw a cream cake in the face of the man during his lectures.

      Regards, Venus


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