Nigeria: David against Goliath-David winns!

The splendid victory of David against Goliath! Farmer’s triumph over a multinational oil company.

Thirteen years ago, three African farmers decide to sue Shell Nigeria for poisoning their fish farms in the Niger River Delta and making their land barren.

They turn to Dutch justice, where Shell is based, but initially nothing to do.
They reply that they cannot claim damages from the parent company for the behavior of the multinational subsidiary Shell Nigeria.

Farmers are not giving up and in 2021, the Hague appeals court overturned the sentence: Shell will have to pay damages to the three Nigerian farmers. The amount of the compensation will be established in May.

Meanwhile, the sentence is historic.

Thus, the Court of Appeal in The Hague, in the Netherlands, has found the oil giant Shell responsible for the oil pollution in the Niger River Delta, caused by the subsidiary Shell Nigeria.

And it finally does justice to the three farmers; not only that, it affirms the principle of responsibility even in places in the world where multinationals adopt uncontrolled systems.
Not only. It is justice for the Earth: Enough with the poisoning.

It is justice for human rights: enough that the poor around the world are starving to death because powerful ones are draining their resources.

Stop creating poverty to get richer.

In recent years, various journalistic sources have denounced the colossal disasters that other multinational oil companies also create in the Niger River Delta: a real environmental massacre, operated by several hands, where previously there was paradise (e.g. International Report of 2015 ).

Leaking oil pipelines, for example, cause fires and devastate the land. There is something to worry about.

Villains that devastate, starve, kill, with the indifference and tolerance of the institutions. But no: justice can exist.

Fingers crossed. We hope that the compensation is very very high.

And I mean...Who would have thought … Although it took the judiciary thirteen years to reach a verdict, it is a battle won.
We are happy and congratulate the three “Davids”!

Even if the penalty is not high, it is a precedent case and will therefore motivate others to take action against the multinational criminals.

My best regards to all, venus

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