Training facilities with foxes: killing and torturing are fetishes of the German hunters.

Hunting dogs are trained and tested on live foxes for construction hunts in training facilities.
For the foxes who are abused for this, this means a sad life in the oppressive confines of a barren enclosure on the edge of the minimum legal requirements.

And it means a life in constant fear of the next use as an exercise object.
Because the fox cannot know that physical contact between him and the aggressive hunting dog is forbidden in training facilities and should be prevented by sliders in the artificial tunnel system. He suffers from stress and fear of death again and again.

The dogs should learn to be able to chase after the foxes through the corridors of the fox den.
For this purpose, an artificial structure with several corridors made of concrete tubes or slabs is built, which meet and converge again and again in different places.

The hunter decides how far the fox can flee and whether the dog should reach him or not using the slider, lid, and grille.
A fox is driven into the tube.
Follow the dog.
In contrast to the real own foxhole, the fox does not know its way around these corridors.

If the dog has caught the fox safely, the hunter watches with amusement as the dog tears the fox to pieces.
If the fox succeeds in repelling the dog or if there is even a risk of injury to the dog, the hunter will of course help his dog to kill the fox.

This is the training facility with living objects, with foxes

This cruel type of exploitation is being practiced particularly frequently again these days.

According to our information, there are currently over 100 such pieces of training systems in Germany.
While foxes are now free to deal with family life, the unfortunate training foxes have had to endure weekly “exercises” in numerous of these facilities since February to prepare the construction dogs for the next exam dates in April. We have already reported on this topic several times and today we want to dedicate ourselves to a special question due to current events:

The hunting magazine “Wild und Dog” claims in an online article about the video mentioned that a “stress-free situation for all animals involved” is possible in training facilities (!!!)

Where do the foxes that are used in training facilities come from?

On March 18, 2021, a training facility operator known to us from Saxony-Anhalt was looking for a fox in the closed Facebook group “Friends of the trap hunt” and wanted “alive”: “Anyone who has something in the trap can contact me. Thank you” it continues there.
When asked by other group members what they would need a fox for, the contributor admitted that he was looking for a wild-caught fox for his training facility.


Text in Facebook: Commentator: I’m looking for fox-alive. Anyone who has something in the trap can contact me. Thank you.

Answer 1: What do you need a fox for?
Answer 2: possibly an attack on the neighbor’s chickens.
But I think he’s talking about live traps
Answer 3: Exercise facilities, possibly
Answer 4: I would also be interested in that
Commentator (again): Correctly recognized, exactly, I just didn’t want to say that here, because PETA has called for these facilities to be destroyed

How many foxes are physically and mentally worn out annually in German training facilities for a senseless as well as cruel construction hunt, or how many are even killed illegally at the end of a season through deliberately made contact with dogs, remains one of the many dark secrets of the hunters.

And I mean…Training facilities with foxes can also be called torture chambers for foxes.

The conditions for keeping foxes are terrible. As usual, it is denied, but the foxes – like the hunting dogs in Spain – vegetate under poor conditions. It’s just about them living long enough to be hunted down in training and ultimately killed.

The German animal protection law states:

§3. Section 7: It is forbidden to train or test an animal for sharpness on another living animal.

Paragraph 8: It is forbidden to set an animal on another animal unless this is required by the principles of grazing-friendly hunting.

Yes! In Germany, murder, rape, speeding, and tax evasion are also prohibited. But that doesn’t seem to be a reason that it doesn’t happen.

The most perverse kind, and a pictorial document of how far one goes in training dogs, is shown in this photo from England. As can be seen, wires are driven through the joints of foxes so that they cannot escape and defend themselves properly.

Then the dogs are chased on them

So we don’t have to go to China or Spain for cruelty to animals of the most perfidious kind. This happens right on our doorstep…

My best regards to all, Venus

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