Animal testing: the blackest of all black crimes

Text: “Doctors Against Animal Experiments”

Frequently asked questions about #Animal Experiments:
-Aren’t all the important medical findings of the past based on animal experiments?

➡ It used to be the same: From experiments on animals you can only learn something about the respective animals. Transmission to humans is speculation.

➡ It is more than questionable whether the knowledge gained from experiments has actually contributed to the progress of medicine. Often their importance is overrated and human-based research in the same direction is underestimated.

➡ Examples are functional #Magnetic resonance tomography and #Deep brain stimulation (#brain pacemaker), which – as is often claimed – have not been developed through animal experiments. In both cases, the research time before the first animal experiments is hushed up by the proponents.

➡ You have to look at past animal experiments like a history book describing wars and atrocities. They are facts that happened. You can’t turn back the clock. To justify current or even future animal experiments with allegedly successful animal experiments in the past is an illogical conclusion.

➡ It is not known how medicine would have developed had animal experiments been banned 100 or 50 years ago.

We are convinced that medicine would be much further ahead if the billions in taxpayers’ money and the whole spirit of research had not been put into misguided research for decades and incorrect animal test results had not stopped progress. Ultimately, however, this is speculation.

It is also speculation that we would not have this or that achievement without animal testing.

➡The animals that have suffered and died in past experiments cannot be brought back to life, but we can learn from past mistakes. However, animal research takes the stand that everything that was good yesterday is good today and tomorrow.

Animal research is a relic that lingers on bygone times instead of making room for modern science.
Further information: Timeline – Achievements in medicine without animal testing…/geschichte/273

ℹ You can find more answers to frequently asked questions about animal experiments here:

And I mean…Let us be aware of this: a direct relationship between experimenting with animals and saving a person does not exist.
It is wrong to believe that new remedies and healing processes for sick people can be produced by tortured and killed animals.
The inaccurate results from animal experiments can endanger us humans and are therefore a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Cancer is a typical example of the chronic ineffectiveness of animal research.
Hundreds of thousands of substances have been (and still are) painfully tested on millions of “cancer mice.”
We’ve been curing mouse cancer for decades, but it hasn’t worked in humans.

Of course, some types of cancer have some treatment success.
But when you consider the immense animal suffering and the billions in research funds, the overall balance is more than frustrating and gloomy

The pharmaceutical industry is sticking to animal testing of new chemical and pharmaceutical products for other reasons.
In the case of consumers, animal experiments are supposed to create a feeling of security, a guarantee of efficacy and trust that in reality does not exist.

And hence the false belief in society that research without animal testing is unscientific

In addition, we must not forget: experimenters, universities, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, contract laboratories, test animal dealers, companies that manufacture cages and other accessories – a wide network of a powerful industry benefits from animal experiments.

The animal testing machinery is one of the most powerful in the world.
It is like a gigantic “perpetuum mobile” that uses intimidation tactics to create the conditions under which it can exist.
Once started it is very difficult to stop

My best regards to all, Venus

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