Mendip Farmers Hunt, Ston Easton: brutal attack on sabs

Mendip Hunt Sabs-Report

Mendip Farmers Hunt, Ston Easton, 11th Sep 2021
Thanks to local tip offs we were able to catch the Mendip Farmers Hunt out illegally hunting foxes and terrorising wildlife.

We hot-footed it off to Ston Easton (a linear village and civil parish in the English county of Somerset) to start our day.

Our supporter funded drone again proved to be worth it’s weight in gold, we were able to safely watch and record the vile blood thirsty hunt.

The hunt move off after the vicious attack on sabs.

With the drone, we watched them unboxing near a field of solar panels then separating themselves out around a maize field, lying in wait to flush fox cubs back into the maize to the jaws of the waiting, ill fed hounds.

These are the people who pass you in the street, stand next to you in a queue in Toolstation….horrible thought isn’t it?

Our two foot sabs caught up with Huntsman Hickmott on horseback with hounds et al on Thickthorne Lane. They turned into a field adjacent to Burnt House Farm where almost instantly the hounds picked up the scent of a fox and went into cry.

Our two foot sabs quickly made their way up the field on the public footpath following the terrible, overlapping, dreadful, screaming cacophony of the hounds now in fully cry.

Our two remaining sabs quickly made their way up the farm track, desperately spraying citronella both sides of the hedgerow and rating the hounds. The hounds began to hesitate and back off of the line but the hunts’ blood thirst was too strong.

Some of the gang of thug terriermen laughing post-attack as Hickmott departs with his hounds in the background.

Huntsman, Matthew Hickmott encouraged the hounds with voice calls, brrrs and fast horn blows and the remaining hounds poured through the hedgerow, across the dusty farm track and ran into the yard. The sound of encouragement from the field riders and hunt supporters was sickening to the core.

As these two sabs rounded the corner of the barn the dreadful sight of a fox being ripped apart alive by a pack of writhing hounds faced them. The hounds were packed in a chaotic pile all over the structure where the fox had taken cover. The screaming mass of hounds trampled over each other, climbing through, over and into the structure in the yard. On their right Tim Pullen and the approaching farmer. Ahead near the hounds Kevin Stevens.

Stevens, surprised at the swift appearance of our witnesses began to shout “GET OUT! THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY! GET OUT!” Then from behind a farm building on the left Matthew Hickmott walked forward on his horse his eyes on the still squirming, screaming hounds.

His satisfied expression changed instantly when he saw our sabs.

Injuries sustained by our sab during the attack.

Moreover, he saw our body cameras and the handheld camcorders which were filming the whole disgusting spectacle.

Hickmott then rode towards our two sabs shouting over the hound’s bloodthirsty screams “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!”
A horse is a large heavy animal when it’s body is deliberately ridden toward you, when it’s head is yanked to one side with the bit toward you and when you can see in the animal’s eyes it has no interest in it’s being used as a weapon.

In this way, Hickmott swept the horses head to impact and off balance one of our sabs and then cowardly Stevens stepped in and pushed them to the ground cracking their head on a slab on the ground and knocking them unconscious.

Huntsman, Mathew Hickmott shouted “GET THE CAMERAS”! Then all hell broke loose.

The full force of the assembling gang of emboldened terriermen/thugs threw our other sab to the ground. The other, regaining consciousness, was treated just the same, the two were dragged around by their hair, their hood, repeatedly knocked to the ground, shouted at to get out, kicked and kicked when down, shouted to “GET OUT” and then pushed and knocked to the ground again when further blows reigned down.
A brutal, cowardly attack.

Injuries sustained by our sab during the attack.

8-10 thugs on two women. No notice was taken of them saying they were leaving. All cameras with the footage of the illegal hunt and kill followed by assault were ripped away from us despite heroic attempts to curl up and protect the precious footage.
The other foot team of two came to rescue and were soon overwhelmed by the criminal gang. Their camcorders meeting the same fate.
The keys to the group vehicle were taken from our driver’s pocket.
The relentless attack and abuse was meted out to our four battered guys all the way from the yard to the vehicle, witnessed by sick, hunt supporters.

On finally getting our vehicle keys returned (when the hunt knew police were coming), sabs entered the vehicle only to sustain another barrage of attacks as the gang opened the rear door and ransacked the vehicle for kit.
They stole another camcorder and the rear dash cam with yet more evidence. They were desperate to get the drone which was on the back seat. Forcing their way into the vehicle, they tried to drag our sab out of the vehicle to steal the drone.

Our sab held on to the drone for all they were worth, sustaining even more injuries. Another sab was also almost dragged out of the vehicle through the back door, but with all their might they held on to the drone, and the drone and it’s footage was kept safe. The door was finally closed and locked.

Police and the Ambulance service were telephoned from the scene. The complicit farmer, however, refused to allow a police officer and sab to enter the property in order to look at the evidence, which we believe was still being cleared away at that time.

Two sabs were taken to hospital for treatment due to their injuries and have now been discharged.

Unluckily for the Mendip Farmers Hunt those who were attacked are willing to pursue convictions of these thugs.
We are working with the Avon and Somerset Police who attended regarding today’s events.
We will not stop sabbing them until they stop hunting.

Thank you to our supporters for all your genuine concern on the page and by text and for the incredibly generous number of donations we have received since yesterday.
We are truly grateful and heartened.

It is difficult being surrounded by these twisted, perverted people on a regular basis and we value the compassion of decent people such as yourselves.

And I mean…It is time for these tortures – IN THE HEART OF EUROPE – to be ended. What are these psychopaths actually imagining? who believe that they are allowed to torture living beings in such a perverse manner?
With this parxis they are morally on the same level as pedophiles and sexual sadists.

The hunt is a playground for psychopaths. Killing and torturing are their fetishes.
And psychopaths just don’t let their playgrounds be taken away from them.

Where else should they ventilate? Sadism and the exercise of power over the lives of others are predispositions that turn off the mind in order to be able to let the urge run free.
A diabolical cycle.

Dear Sabs ! Solidarity from UK and Germany!
Love and respect, great action!

My best regards to all, Venus

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