“Downer”cows- like dreck disposed

Fortunately, today and thanks to undercover investigations by animal rights activists, it is already widely known how the dairy industry operates its animal cruelty system worldwide

Cows, goats or even sheep are exploited, tortured and ultimately killed.

Calves are stolen from their mothers so that they can produce milk, udders are simply scorched, animals are tortured while being tethered – all this is unfortunately nothing new and is well known to many.

“Downer cows”, however, represent a previously unknown peculiarity of human ignorance and greed for profit.
In the dairy industry, “downer cows” are female cattle that are too weak to stand up on their own.

Often a calf was born shortly before, the mother is already severely weakened by the birth, but then there is also an acute calcium deficiency due to the unnaturally high milk production that has been bred.

Another reason can be an injury caused by the often terrible housing conditions in the industry.
And now comes the actual, criminal cruelty to animals: These massively weakened animals are often simply brought outside by the farmers in front of the barn.

These cows are called “downers”.
And why not leave them in the stable?
There is only one answer to this: For the farmer, this cow has been written off and its corpse can be removed from the outside more easily and cost-effectively after it has perished miserably.
It couldn’t be more cruel.

So the animals are somehow dragged with their last strength outside to their intended “death bed”.
The farmers often do not care what pain and stress this means for the poor creatures.
In their eyes they are “only farm animals”

Many then remain there until they have died a painful death on their own, or until some farmers have still sold them illegally, because these animals are no longer officially allowed to be transported to the slaughterhouse.
The fresh air would be good for the weakened animals, one can often hear.

The fact is: Downers are mercilessly exposed to the weather, just like wild animals in front of the stable, are no longer adequately watered and fed and veterinary care is completely denied or carried out by a “trusted veterinarian” (!!!)
We don’t need to mention what this trust looks like and that it is also only geared towards economic efficiency.

So a longer and painful agony begins for the cows as soon as they are laid down on hard concrete or on a nearby meadow.
They are doomed to die, this act without empathy is like an executionDead Man Walking !!!

We strongly condemn this unprecedentedly heartless practice.
Those who treat their animals like this should no longer be allowed to call themselves human.

In the dairy industry, only profitability and profit count, so there is no room for animal welfare. Despite and against the law.

Unfortunately, downer cows are increasingly observed in Germany and in other countries and most observers also report them.

It’s a violation of the Animal Welfare Act, clearly

We appeal to the responsible decision-makers to put an end to this horror.
We see a multiplication of controls by incorruptible organs and laws, which severely punish the offenses with unconditional, long-term imprisonment, as the only option to prevent the criminals among the farmers from this torture

Lifelong professional bans should also be compulsory in any case of cruelty to animals.

And we appeal to all of you for all the battered animal souls in the dairy industry to rethink your consumer behavior and to increasingly resort to plant-based milk alternatives, which are available in huge quantities and high quality on the market.
Because also here applies:

Text: Together for animals (“Gemeinsam für die Tiere”)

And I mean...Animal husbandry, thus the consumption of “products” of animal origin, is the PRIMARY cause of the greatest problems of our time!

From climate change, to the clearing of all forests, to the waste of resources and the problem of drinking water on a gigantic scale!

In addition, animal consumption is THE primary cause of starvation for thousands of human infants, children and adults daily.

This consumption causes unspeakable suffering of 900 million (Germany) / 65 billion (worldwide) non-human infants (calf, piglet, lamb …) and animal children (cow, pig, sheep …), plus about 2, 5 trillion non-human animals of the seas annually.
Ultimately, meat and animal product consumption is responsible for the destruction of ALL livelihoods of ALL life on this planet!

Ecological damage from omnivorous diet / lifestyle: around $ 600 billion worldwide, annually!
Trend, RAPIDE increasing !!!

Economic damage from omnivorous diet / lifestyle: around $ 1.1 trillion (worldwide) / € 200 billion (Germany), annually!
The trend here is also RAPIDE increasing!

Who does not leave the above indifferent and who just cares a little about our planet, then there is only ONE solution: live vegan!
Anything else would be complete ignorance and denial, as well as pathological egoism and according to the principle & motto:
“what interests me billions of times animal suffering”,
“what interests me others”,
“what interests me the world”,
“after me the deluge”,
“nothing interests me, only me “, nothing else!

Ignorance, the “cancerous growth” of our time!

My best regards to all, Venus

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