Faroe Islands-illegal massacre of 1,428 dolphins

On September 12th, a huge school of 1,428 Atlantic white-sided dolphins was hunted and driven to their deaths for hours.

The driven hunt, the so-called grind, took place on the Faroe Islands, which belong to Denmark.
The animals were driven over a distance of approx. 45 km with speedboats and jet skis into the shallow waters near Skálabotnur, where every single animal was cruelly killed.

According to locals who shared videos and photos with Sea Shepherd, this hunt violated several Faroese laws regulating grind:

First of all, the grind supervisor responsible for this area was not informed and therefore never authorized the hunt.
Instead, the decision was made by another grind chief who was not authorized to do so.

Second, many of the participants did not have permission to participate. This permit is required in the Faroe Islands because it includes special training to ensure the rapid killing of pilot whales and dolphins.
The footage also shows that many of the dolphins were still alive and moving when they were dragged ashore with the rest of their dead school.

Thirdly, photos show that many of the dolphins were run over by motorboats and torn apart by the screws, resulting in a slow and painful death.
According to local residents, the grid was illegal and was reported to the Faroese police for these violations.

The Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet” published interviews with locals, whose full names were changed to protect their families, stating that many Faroe Islands are angry about the incident.

“I suspect that most of the dolphins will end up in the garbage or in some digging hole,” said a local.
“We should have quotas per district and not kill dolphins,” said another.

A local asked the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to investigate the incident:

“If she expresses herself critically in public, it will also be easier for the locals who want to end this barbaric tradition.”

Others fear that the international press will show the pictures of the slaughtered dolphins and that this will endanger their exports (e.g. the Faroe Islands export salmon to Germany, Great Britain, the USA and Russia).

Further information and images on our website:

And I mean…Sea Shepherd considers this to be “the largest single hunt for dolphins or pilot whales in Faroe history” (followed by the hunt for 1,200 pilot whales in 1940) and “it is believed to be the largest single whale hunt ever documented worldwide”!

We call it mass murder.
Driven in any place that is a very wealthy European island group that has no need for meat to survive, based on secret licenses and documents, practically an illegal process, carried out by anonymous sadists and corrupt officials, who settled the crime among themselves.

An illegal massacre with no basis, no legal evidence.
Here borders were crossed and a new dimension of brutality and barbarism reached.

What the residents of the Faroe Islands can never be ashamed of

My best regards to all, Venus

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