Lebanon-hunters target anything that comes within range of the rifle.

Lebanon – end point of bird migration: Around 500,000 hunters are officially registered in Lebanon, they are allowed to shoot 12 species of birds.

But the hunting law in the “cedar state” is mostly only on paper.
In reality, many hunters target anything that comes within range of the rifle.

Now, during the peak of the bird migration, we receive photos every day, which the perpetrators themselves post on social media.

Almost all of them show strictly protected species in Lebanon – from bee-eaters and blue-nails to ortolans and orioles to barn owls and short-toed eagles.

Fortunately, there are many nature lovers in Lebanon who do not just watch the hunters go by.
They search social media for such posts, report the perpetrators’ profiles to us and the authorities, and thus ensure prosecution.

Together with its Lebanese partner associations SPNL and MESHC, the Committee against Bird Murder will again be on site with an international bird protection team from next week.

The economic crisis in the country and the political unrest make the operation a risk – wish us luck!
The pictures are all up-to-date – they show protected migratory birds illegally shot.

The animals with which the heart is laid are ortolans, which are highly endangered almost everywhere in Europe!


And I mean…The birds are eaten – as a “second use”, so to speak.
But the motivation is the pleasure of hunting! whoever hunts, kills for sheer pleasure.
And that applies to hunters all over the world.

What state of mind can we expect in someone who cowardly shoots an animal while it is eating or breeding, although he does not need its flesh and skin to live and then call it as a “hobby”, “nature conservation”, “protection of species”, “epidemic protection” “or” tradition “?

“Hunting is just a cowardly paraphrase for particularly cowardly murder of chanchenless fellow creatures.
Hunting is a side form of human mental illness”
(Theodor Heuss, former Federal President)

We agree, it couldn’t be better said!

My best regards to all, Venus

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