Dynamo football players of Bucharest- respect and love for the dogs

In the Romanian capital derby there was a special action over the weekend. The Dynamo Bucharest players ran onto the pitch with dogs in their arms.

To draw attention to animals without a home, the Romanian Football Association has come up with something very special.

At the derby of the two city rivals of the Romanian capital Bucharest, Dynamo and Steaua, the players of the former team showed a heart for animals.

Four football players from Dynamo Bucharest before the game with their dogs from the shelter and from the street.

Before the match, they marched with dogs from the Romanian public shelter Branesti on the stadium lawn to draw attention to the suffering of the Romanian strays.
This campaign aims to encourage fans to adopt dogs from the often hopelessly overcrowded animal shelters.

Throughout the season, footballers will run into games with dogs from the shelter or from the street with the goal to find new owners for the four-legged friends.

Romania has had a significant problem with street dogs for many years, and stray dogs have a difficult time in Romania.
There are hardly any comprehensive, effective castration projects and unfortunately there are still killing stations.

The goal: respect and love for the dogs

Under the name “Fill the void in your life”, the beginning of the unique project was made last weekend in Bucharest.
The dogs come from the local animal shelters or from the street and each have a small scarf with their name around their necks.
If viewers want to adopt one of the four-legged friends, they can easily get in touch with the initiators of the project.

The prerequisites have also been created within the stadium so that the dogs can attend the games without any major problems.
All fireworks and pyrotechnics were banned.
At the weekend, the fans also adhered to these requirements.

A nice action that will definitely make one or the other dog’s life a lot nicer!


And I mean…When footballers walk into the stadium before the game, there is usually a familiar image: They almost always have small children on their hands who can come into contact with their idols and fulfill a childhood dream.
Now Romania gives us a new message: All animal lives matter!

We hope that their action has touched many people and will lead to the adoption of a stray dog from one of the animal shelters.

My best regards to all, Venus

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