Austria: mega scandal with ritual slaughter!

Report of Association respect animals (Verein RespekTiere)

Comprehensive recordings of ritual slaughtering from two companies in Lower Austria show massive control deficits.

07/20 / 6:30: The slaughter is already in full swing.
The slaughterhouse veterinarian in the gray coat can only be seen between 6:30 and 8:30 in the long-term shots. The slaughtering continues until 6:30 p.m. – in his absence and without any anesthesia!

Uncovered – Comprehensive recordings of ritual slaughtering from two companies in Lower Austria show massive control deficits.
Association against Animal Factories (  )and Respect animals association (RespekTiere) were leaked incredible pictures from slaughterhouses! criminal charges were filed with the public prosecutor’s office!
The list of allegations is endless:

-Hundreds of sheep continuously killed without any stunning–
-even a non-company person makes the cut – authority failure without end—
-Officials not on site or only at very short notice
-Sheep that are still alive in the cutting process –
-Terrible ‘re-cutting’, moreover often only painful minutes after the first cut–
-Disregard of any legal requirements—
-Heads are completely severed immediately after stunning – purest animal cruelty, day after day –
-Heads of sheep that do not show any signs of anesthesia, whose skull bones were split with an ax, could be secured in the animal body recycling!

In this slauterhouse, animals were still ritually slaughtered outside of the festival of sacrifice – illegally without anesthesia! According to the authorities, there was no permit for this.

And these are just the corner components of this incredible scandal!

The company claims that the responsible veterinarian was permanently present.

“If that was the case, then he saw and allowed animal cruelty to be committed systematically in front of his nose. That too requires a complaint for abuse of office. What do they have then thought about it? so David Richter of Association against animal factories

A single sheep at the end of the slaughter day was also killed on this farm without any anesthesia. A complaint for cruelty to animals was brought against both companies.

The incredible video, the chronology of the scandal can be found here:

We turned on the prosecutor, handed over the minutes of the madness and filed a complaint! The toughest consequences are now required.
Is the long overdue ban on slaughtering without anesthesia coming????

The Association against Animal Factories and Respect animals association have brought criminal charges for animal cruelty against the two companies to the responsible public prosecutor’s offices, as well as a complaint against the control bodies for abuse of office.

And I mean…The sentence alone, “ritual slaughter with a special permit for religious reasons”, is a bankruptcy declaration of our morality in the 21st century.

Most European countries generally forbid slaughter without prior stunning, but allow exceptions for “ritual slaughter”.

Slaughtering without prior stunning is generally forbidden in the Austrian Animal Welfare Act and the Most European countries , but allowed in the case of “religious commands or prohibitions of a legally recognized religious community”.

And so … in Austria “ritual slaughter” is allowed, but with a small compromise: animals must be anesthetized immediately after their necks have been cut and slaughter may only take place in the presence of the official control organs.

But the disregard of the Animal Welfare Act and the Slaughter Regulations at both companies in Austria took place in the absence of the slaughterhouse veterinarians.

The scandal is not that a butcher has screwed up an entire country here, but that there are two-legged human animals who believe that it is ethically acceptable to keep animal beings prisoner for extermination purposes, in extermination “camps” and in the name of religion brutally massacre them and then to eat them.

The slaughterhouse operator puts the responsibility on the controllers , even though he is present at these illegal slaughters, and the vets do not know anything about illegal slaughtering, although they claim they were always present!

The only thing missing now is investigations that are discontinued for “flimsy reasons” and the picture of a corrupt system is complete.

We are no further today than we were 100 years ago!
And no one really cares, even religious carnivores only see the suffering animal as a steak- and sheep do not scream

My best regards to all, Venus

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