Germany: Three wolves illegally shot down by criminals

Sep 29, 2021 –

In the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the police and public prosecutor’s office are investigating several wolves who have been killed.

As a spokesman for the Environment Ministry said on Wednesday, a predator carcass was found on Sunday in Western Pomerania and two dead wolves on Tuesday on the Elbe.

Initial investigations by veterinarians have shown that all three wolves died from gunshot wounds.
It is still unclear when this happened and where the animals came from. It is being investigated for a violation of the Federal Nature Conservation Act.
Wolves are strictly protected across the EU (!!!)

Two dead young wolves were last discovered on Tuesday on the banks of the Elbe.
Conservationists had informed the police.

The animals were examined by specialists from the Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research. The full results of the investigation are not yet available, as the ministry spokesman said.
One now hopes to get to the perpetrators via traces that have been secured.

It is also unclear how long the animals swam in the Elbe and where they came from.
The third wolf carcass was found in a corn field on Sunday. According to previous knowledge, the animal had been shot a little long ago.
This area is not far from the border with Poland. Here, too, the investigations continued.

Wolf protection -Germany e.V. offers a reward of 4,000 euros for apprehending the perpetrators.

PETA sets a reward of 3000 euros for hints to convict the perpetrator (s)-also anonymously,wolf4578.html

And I mean…Since the wolf returned to Germany in 2000, a total of 64 animals have been killed illegally.

These are no longer isolated cases. Apparently there are criminal hunters and farmers who specifically hunt wolves.
This year, eleven wolves have already been shot illegally, and in 2020 there were officially a total of eight.

The number of unreported cases is certainly many times higher.
Without the perpetrators being identified once.
To put it more precisely: without any authority showing any great interest in capturing this pathetic criminal machos.

Hardly any of these cases could be resolved. The acts would still be treated as petty offenses.
In contrast to other countries, such as Italy, where wolf killers could be found, this has never been the case in Germany.

Not only wolves are affected, lynxes are also repeatedly found killed, as are a number of birds of prey.
Spongy statements about the protection of the wolves on the part of politicians (mostly also hunters) brood a favorable ground for criminals to commit vigilante justice in Wild- West- Manner.

Germany is still miles away from a good state of conservation for the wolf.
Germany is also miles away from fair punishments for illegally shooting down strictly protected animals.

It is not our wild animals that have to be banned from nature, but the hunters. And their stupid followers in politics immediately have to give up their posts.

My best regards to all, Venus

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