Day: October 24, 2021

SeaQuest-Business with animals in mafia style

SeaQuest aquariums are plagued by animal welfare issues, animal deaths, legal violations, and injuries to employees and the public from direct contact with animals.
SeaQuest continues to be hit with neglect allegations, often from former employees, and it’s notorious for exploiting animals for entertainment.

WOODBRIDGE, NJ — A duck with a broken foot. A kinkajou seemingly running mad in his cage.

Children coming very close to stepping on parakeets. The allegations continue to fly regarding conditions at the new SeaQuest aquarium that just opened last month at the Woodbridge Center Mall.

SeaQuest is owned by Vince Covino, who has been criticized in the past for conditions at his other SeaQuest locations across the nation (Woodbridge is his ninth).

The SeaQuest in Littleton, Colorado, for example, failed two animal safety inspections by the state and was the subject of an undercover investigation by the local Fox news affiliate.

Residents petitioned to prevent SeaQuest from opening in Lynchburg, Virginia.

And now it seems his New Jersey location is garnering the same criticism: Ever since SeaQuest first opened in early December, groups of animal rights activists have been holding protests every weekend outside Woodbridge Center.

Denise Morgan, a Sayreville resident, organizes the weekly protests.

“One visitor sent me a video of a honey bear (another term for a kinkajou) weaving back and forth in its cage, doing the same movement over and over, back and forth,” she said.

“I’ve had people tell me that animal is going insane. Then there was a video of a duck eating the drywall off its enclosure, actually ingesting it.”

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