SeaQuest-Business with animals in mafia style

SeaQuest aquariums are plagued by animal welfare issues, animal deaths, legal violations, and injuries to employees and the public from direct contact with animals.
SeaQuest continues to be hit with neglect allegations, often from former employees, and it’s notorious for exploiting animals for entertainment.

WOODBRIDGE, NJ — A duck with a broken foot. A kinkajou seemingly running mad in his cage.

Children coming very close to stepping on parakeets. The allegations continue to fly regarding conditions at the new SeaQuest aquarium that just opened last month at the Woodbridge Center Mall.

SeaQuest is owned by Vince Covino, who has been criticized in the past for conditions at his other SeaQuest locations across the nation (Woodbridge is his ninth).

The SeaQuest in Littleton, Colorado, for example, failed two animal safety inspections by the state and was the subject of an undercover investigation by the local Fox news affiliate.

Residents petitioned to prevent SeaQuest from opening in Lynchburg, Virginia.

And now it seems his New Jersey location is garnering the same criticism: Ever since SeaQuest first opened in early December, groups of animal rights activists have been holding protests every weekend outside Woodbridge Center.

Denise Morgan, a Sayreville resident, organizes the weekly protests.

“One visitor sent me a video of a honey bear (another term for a kinkajou) weaving back and forth in its cage, doing the same movement over and over, back and forth,” she said.

“I’ve had people tell me that animal is going insane. Then there was a video of a duck eating the drywall off its enclosure, actually ingesting it.”

Here from the Facebook page “SeaQuest Aquarium- The Truth” 15. März 2020 :

This is the miserable life these chickens suffer EVERY DAY.
A small platform.
No sun. No fresh air. Dark dank stench in this cement tomb. Mishandled by unsupervised kids.
No reprieve from the noise and kids mauling them and throwing fistfulls of food at them.
When they die Vince Covino’s staff toss them in the Garbage and just BUY more to exploit for his corporate greed
Their lives mean ZERO.
Cats in concrete cells. No sunlight ever.
Once tiny pigs on concrete floors in too small pens being manhandled by employees and customers.
Parakeets being starved and stomped on and then tossed in the trash. In some locations, employees ordered to break the birds necks and throw them in the garbage.

At SEAQUEST they are inanimate unfeeling objects.
Garbage to thrown in the trash!
Woodbridge Mayor was warned that SeaQuest had overwhelming atrocious violations, arrests, fraudulent illegal endangered species importation violations, egregious violations of trampled, injured, sick, dead animals, law suits from injured patrons at SeaQuest locatons all over the U.S.

The Mayor and town still issued a permit to allow this horrific exhibit to open.
NJ Div of Fish & Wildlife REFUSE to intervene!

It sickens one to see these animals living in confined small pens.
Cement floors. Cement walls. No sunlight or fresh air EVER EVER EVER.
Who would want to live like that?
Perhaps these animals would wish for death and it breaks a heart thinking that ONLY DEATH WILL FREE THEM…..

PETA received records from Clark County Animal Control showing that a second sloth died at SeaQuest Las Vegas nine months after the first sloth died there and that both animals died under similar troubling circumstances:
They had each been at the facility for less than a year when they developed twitching behavior and had a reduced appetite just before their deaths.

PETA urged the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to terminate SeaQuest’s federal Animal Welfare Act license because the licensee had violated a number of state and local laws pertaining to the transportation, ownership, neglect, and welfare of animals.

SeaQuest has a long history of animal neglect and legal troubles

In 2018, National Geographic published an article about the sordid and dubious aquarium industry, including discussions of the Covino family and the widespread opposition to SeaQuest.

SeaQuest’s CEO, Vince Covino, was fined $5,000 in 2017 for securities violations after failing to reveal a prior disciplinary action to potential investors.

Vince’s brother, Ammon Covino, has been convicted in federal court for illegal wildlife trafficking.
In 2013, he was sentenced in federal court to more than a year in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit illegal wildlife trafficking.

And I mean…SeaQuest was founded by Vince Covino and his brother Ammon Covino.
Ammon has been convicted and imprisoned for animal wildlife trafficking. SeaQuest has been charged with numerous allegations of animal abuse and neglect.
And now during COVID-19, the animals languish in their cement cells in malls that are closed.

So it’s a family mafia here.
For brothers Vince and Ammon Covino it seems to be good business opening aquariums across the country, and both are very well versed at that.

Their systematic disregard of the law – and the animal law – should have long been a warning signal for the authorities that they are people with criminal energy.

Conclusion: if you want your kids to see and interact with wild animals, the best place is an animal sanctuary.
And there are so many animal sanctuaries in USA and all of the world.
That way, you know your money will go to a good cause, and you know the animals are being well taken care of.

My best regards to all, Venus

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