Day: October 18, 2021

Switzerland and its agricultural fair: animals as exhibits

From October 7th, the annual fair for agriculture and nutrition (OLMA) will take place in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where, among other things, so-called farm animals will be presented in shows.

PETA contacted the organizers of the OLMA in advance and asked in their letter to refrain from displaying animals.

Chained up. Displayed. Demonstrated. Mistreated.

Countless animals are exploited at the OLMA agricultural fair every year.
We demand that the animal-despising fair is finally stopped and that the Federal Council immediately refrains from regularly praising degrading animal exhibitions.

The animals are displayed against their will in the midst of the noise of the visitors in the smallest of spaces like objects.

They are tied to short chains around their necks or kept in tight cages.
Bulls are tormented with a painful nose ring, mother pigs – who actually urgently need rest – are presented to the audience with their children in a completely inconsiderate way.

A hooting crowd adds incredible stress to sheep, ducks and piglets during pathetic animal shows.

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