Switzerland and its agricultural fair: animals as exhibits

From October 7th, the annual fair for agriculture and nutrition (OLMA) will take place in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where, among other things, so-called farm animals will be presented in shows.

PETA contacted the organizers of the OLMA in advance and asked in their letter to refrain from displaying animals.

Chained up. Displayed. Demonstrated. Mistreated.

Countless animals are exploited at the OLMA agricultural fair every year.
We demand that the animal-despising fair is finally stopped and that the Federal Council immediately refrains from regularly praising degrading animal exhibitions.

The animals are displayed against their will in the midst of the noise of the visitors in the smallest of spaces like objects.

They are tied to short chains around their necks or kept in tight cages.
Bulls are tormented with a painful nose ring, mother pigs – who actually urgently need rest – are presented to the audience with their children in a completely inconsiderate way.

A hooting crowd adds incredible stress to sheep, ducks and piglets during pathetic animal shows.

The unethical shows culminate in races between animal children who were snatched from their mothers especially for this purpose, so that people can bet sums of money on them and have fun.
Sensitive donkeys have to make their bodies available to inexperienced riders.

Rabbits sit completely disturbed on hard floors without litter and are pushed into the corners by intrusive visitors.
These animals face incredible fears.
But that’s not all: You can buy toys made from skinned rabbits at stands.

And if you are hungry, you can put the already killed conspecifics of the exhibited cattle, pigs and other animals on your plate and eat them.

Do you love, respect and respect animals?
Then give animal fairs, above all the OLMA, the cold shoulder and boycott them!
Please share this post so that people around you can also deal with the exploitation and abuse of animals.
Thanks for that!

Those responsible for the trade fair can also be reached by email.
If you want to send an email, please always keep the good tone (we are happy to leave the level of insults, threats and the like to the animal exploiters): besucher@olma-messen.ch

Photos: Alain Martin / Basel Animal Save
(all photos show exploited animals at the OLMA 2021 in St. Gallen, CH)
Campaign management: Olivier Bieli / Basel Animal Save

PETA: At the OLMA, animals are degraded to exhibition objects, similar to how people used to be at fairs or so-called national shows. The display of living things definitely belongs in the history books! We urge the organizers of the fair to remove animal shows from the program.
Specialist Ilana Bollag on behalf of PETA Switzerland.

“In future, OLMA should also focus on vegan nutrition and more sustainable, animal-free agriculture: In view of climate change and serious environmental problems, in which animal husbandry is a major contributor, the world can no longer afford to consume animal products. We need a quick change towards vegan organic farming – only the vegan way of life saves animals, our earth and thus ourselves. ” (Specialist Ilana Bollag on behalf of PETA Switzerland).

Exhibitions like this are an enormous burden for the animals. The often long transport to the fair, the loud noises, large crowds and overbearing audiences as well as the unfamiliar environment put the animals under extreme stress.

Even pregnant cattle and cows with their calves are auctioned at the fair. The focus is on the entertainment of the onlookers and the deception of consumers about an allegedly animal-friendly attitude: program items such as the coronation of the “Miss OLMA cow” or the sow and cow races are designed as pure entertainment.

Other planned performances such as dressage acts with jumping animals are carried out under duress and can lead to pain, as, for example, the joints of cattle and horses are heavily stressed.


And I mean…We don’t see happy animals anywhere.
We only see one big danger, namely that the “happy” children go home after the show with a wrong lesson: that these animals have a happy life, are treated happily and therefore participate in this circus voluntarily and because they are happy.

One cannot believe that one of the richest and most civilized countries in Europe, Switzerland, with one of the most progressive animal welfare laws, allows such a circus where the animals only serve as toys, have no rest breaks and are passed around for hours to be petted, which almost reaches the limit of cruelty to animals.

It’s ridiculous, it’s primitive, and it needs to be done away with

My best regards to all, Venus

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