Day: October 10, 2021

UK: Urge ABTA to Include Dolphin and Whale Captivity Among Its Unacceptable Practices.

Urge ABTA to Include Dolphin and Whale Captivity Among Its Unacceptable Practices | People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (

WAV Comment – ABTA is the Association of British Travel Agents – the overseeing body to which travel agents belong.


Urge ABTA to Include Dolphin and Whale Captivity Among Its Unacceptable Practices

ABTA, a travel trade association, is letting dolphins and whales down! Remind it that marine animals need protection, too.

The company advises against the promotion of tourist activities such as bullfighting and elephant rides. Urge it to update its Animal Welfare Guidelines to add facilities that exploit dolphins and whales to its “unacceptable practices” list.

Why Marine Parks Suck

All animals deserve respect. They aren’t selfie props or circus attractions.

Whales and dolphins are complex, highly intelligent animals who have their own language and culture. In the ocean, orcas can swim up to 140 miles a day. Imagine how they feel being imprisoned in cramped tanks.

Orcas are left to languish in concrete tanks about 10,000 times smaller than their natural home range. They may also be drugged with diazepam and other tranquilisers. At SeaWorld, 140 dolphins are packed into just seven tanks. Their water is chemically treated, and they’re forced to perform confusing tricks. Life in a marine park is no life at all.

ABTA Needs to Do Better!

ABTA’s Animal Welfare Guidelines lists wild-animal performances  among its unacceptable practices. But why is it OK with letting marine mammals endure a life of misery in watery prisons?

The UK hasn’t had these cruel attractions since the 1990s, and Belgium, Canada, France, and India have banned cetacean captivity. Airbnb, British Airways Holidays, Your Co-op Travel , and Virgin Holidays refuse to promote marine parks. ABTA is now lagging behind, allowing members like TUI to continue to support these barbaric spectacles.

Take Action

PETA has highlighted the cruelty behind marine parks to ABTA, but the organisation is dragging its feet. Join us and urge it to live up to its “responsible tourism at home and abroad” claim by doing the right thing for whales and dolphins. 

Ask ABTA to revise its animal welfare guidelines and add promoting captive cetacean tourist destinations to its list of unacceptable practices:

Action – Urge ABTA to Include Dolphin and Whale Captivity Among Its Unacceptable Practices | People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (

Regards Mark

#StopTheGrind-a laudable initiative from Brussels

Report by Martin Buschmann MEP *

Stop Grindadráp!

The slaughter of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands must come to an end.

The driven hunts are not only incompatible with the requirement of species protection, they also involve enormous cruelty to animals. After the animals have been cornered, they are stabbed with metal lances.

Not all of them die immediately from the deep cuts, many animals lie twitching on the beach for a long time until they bleed to death.

The masses of dead animals, the sea stained red with blood – all of this outrages people around the world.
So many dolphins have been killed this year that the island residents cannot consume the meat.

Sea Shepherd environmentalists believe that much of it needs to be disposed of.

This senseless killing must not go on!

This is what I am committed to in Brussels. I will take further steps once the Commission has replied to my question. In cooperation with various animal welfare organizations, pressure is built up until we have achieved our goal!

In an open letter, I and the other supporters of “Stop the Grind” address directly to the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands.

In six detailed points we show why the grindadráp has to stop.
I am confident that common sense will prevail and that we will succeed.

* Martin Buschmann is a German politician.
In the 2019 European elections he was elected as a member of the European Parliament for the Animal Welfare Party.
From July 2019 to January 2020 he was a member of the GUE / NGL parliamentary group, at the beginning of 2020 Buschmann resigned from the parliamentary group and a little later from the animal protection party

More about the union against the Grindadráp can be found here:

And I mean…A ban on the whale massacre in Faroe Islands is a duty on the part of the EU Commission because members of the European Union are prohibited from killing whales.

The psychopaths slaughtered entire families of whales with pregnant mothers and young animals for the amusement of their own toddlers and families.
Some whales swim for hours in the blood of their family members and try to save them, frightened with fear, knowing what will happen to them too.

We, animal rights activists, and all civilized people are outraged by this massacre and will support every initiative to end this senseless bloodbath.
Which, by the way, is prohibited by European directives and international conventions.

This mass murder cannot be justified by invoking old, outdated traditions and brutally massacre up to a thousand pilot whales and dolphins every year.

Thank you Martin and everyone who leads this collective fight from Brussels with you.

My best regards to all, Venus

Pescetarianism means also massive cruelty to animals

More and more people all around the world are choosing to give up beef, chicken, and pork in the name of health and environmentalism…only to substitute with fish.

However well-intentioned, choosing to go pescetarian might not be as beneficial as you think.

While fish can seem like a healthy alternative to leaving other animals off of our plates, the science says otherwise. Here are the most common myths you may believe about pescetarianism and the truth behind them.

The term pescetarianism comes from the Latin word “piscis” and from the Italian“pesce” and means “fish”.
The difference between a vegetarian diet and a pescetarian diet is that vegetarians do not eat meat or fish, while the pescetarian diet makes an exception for animals that live in water.

Pescetarians reject the consumption of meat from land animals – instead, in addition to plant-based foods such as vegetables and pulses, they eat various types of fish such as salmon, trout and the like.

Often with this form of nutrition, marine animals such as squids, mussels and other ocean dwellers are on the menu, which are either industrially bred for consumption or caught in the wild and sometimes tortured to death.
Other animal products such as eggs and dairy products can also appear in a Pescetarian diet.

There are various reasons why some people choose not to eat meat from land animals but instead eat meat from fish and other marine life: these include health considerations climate reasons and animal welfare.
Health reasons refer to the supply of protein and omega-3 fatty acids to the body.

But both proteins and omega-3 fatty acids are found in plants. Eating fish, on the other hand, can have negative health effects due to the high level of pollution.

As far as the climate and environmental aspects are concerned, you need to know the following:
American researchers studied the effects of fishing on our environment in 2015.
The data showed that industrial fishing is practiced in around 55 percent of the world’s oceans.

At around 90 million tons per year, fishing has remained at the same level for thirty years.The kilometer-long trawls used in industrial fisheries destroy the oceans significantly by plowing up the seabed.At around 90 million tons per year, fishing has remained at the same level for thirty years.

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