Day: October 28, 2021

France wants to abolish dolphinariums, wild animals in the circus and fur farms

Why French government agreement marks historic day for animal welfare

Circus show with bear-France

Animal protection groups celebrate decision to ban sales of puppies and kittens in pet stores and the use of wild animals in travelling circuses (but not for seven years) and more.

MPs and senators agreed on the terms of a new animal welfare law on October 21 meaning improved safeguards for animals will soon be legalised in France.
These include:

– a gradual ban on use of wild animals in circuses with a ban on breeding such animals coming into place in the next two years and a total ban on their use in travelling circuses in seven years

– use of whales and dolphins in aquariums will be banned within five years

– a ban on American mink farming and farming of other animals for their fur

– a ban on selling puppies and kittens in pet stores from January 1, 2024 and on displaying animals in pet store windows

harsher penalties for people caught mistreating animals

– new rules for people who wish to buy pets including the signature of a certificate stating that the new owner is aware of the responsibilities involved

– more regulations for animal sales online

wolf in the circus – France

French animal welfare groups celebrate ‘historic day’

Animal welfare groups have responded positively to the news.

La Fondation Brigitte Bardot said in a tweet: “It’s an historic day for animals in France!”

Convergence Animaux Politique said the law was “ambitious” and responded to a “significant number” of demands from NGOs.

However, some said that there was still work left to do. The Parti Animaliste said the new law was “historic” but “there still remains the fight against intensive farming, industrial fishing, hunting and bullfighting”.

Previous agreements of the decree have been delayed as senators on the right wanted to maintain rights for travelling circuses and aquariums to keep wild animals, dolphins and whales.

But yesterday Minister for Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, praised senators and MPs who “overcame their differences to make this agreement”.

Circus show with elephant-France

She said: “Today is a big day because taking a stand for animal wellbeing is the mark of a society that is aware of its responsibility to nature.”

Ms Pompili said the next steps were to clarify support for professionals, such as circus owners and farmers, to help them implement the law, including financial aid.

Prime Minister Jean Castex tweeted: “Animal wellbeing is a major concern for our citizens. I share the pride of all in parliament who have made this law possible.”

The French government will set up a package worth eight million euros to provide other jobs for workers in traveling circuses and marine theme parks.

And I mean…Yes, there is still a lot to do against foie gras, cooking live lobsters, as well as frogs, snails, pigeons and other animals as delicacies in the kitchen … but at least a step has been taken in the right direction!
Experience has shown us that small steps often have a big impact.
Because many, many French abhor cruelty to animals and fight for animal rights.

It would be good if the coming government of Germany would take its neighbor as an example

My best regards to all, Venus