UK; Twas The Night Before COP26 – British Comedian Joe Lycett Holds ‘Shell’ (Oil Giant) To Account For Their Green Sales Techniques. He Literally Talks Shit !

COP26 officially takes place between 31 October – 12 November 2021.

Joe Lycett outside Shell’s headquarters in London. Photograph: Isobel Frodsham/PA

WAV Comment – Joe Lycett is a British comedian.  The 1 hour special, in which he lampooned ‘Shell’ energy giant the night before the start of COP26 in Scotland was shown on British tv last night – 24/10/21.

It was a great programme in which Lycett impersonated the Shell CEO; (see video); literally talking shit about allegedly just how ‘Green’ Shell is.  Evidence provided in the programme showed that Shell may talk the green talk, but the reality is they are doing much less than their adverts present.

Have we not seen and heard things like this from others before ?


Regards Mark

See him here impersonate the Shell CEO talking shit:

Shell’s climate promises lampooned in Channel 4 ad starring literal shit-talking Joe Lycett | The Drum

Shell’s climate promises lampooned in Channel 4 ad starring literal shit-talking Joe Lycett

Comedian Joe Lycett has held energy giant Shell to account for its climate promises in a shit-talking parody ad from broadcaster Channel 4.

The imposter ad was created to promote Lycett’s investigation of Shell, Joe Lycett vs the Oil Giant. In the show he will look to see whether the brand’s sustainability claims can be taken seriously, or whether there is greenwashing afoot.

In the spot, Lycett hints that the ”lots of pictures of forests and windmills” in Shell’s marketing materials may not reflect the full truth of the business’s output.

As part of the show, Lycett is seen trying to get the ad aired, likely unaware its inclusion of several fecal ejections renders it unairable. These restrictions won’t stop the ad from running as part of the episode or online, where it will accumulate many curious viewers. The ad was created by Rumpus Media and distributed by Channel 4 ahead of the Joe Lycett vs the Oil Giant’s debut at 9pm on October 24.

On commissioning the 60-minute episode, Alf Lawrie, head of factual entertainment at Channel 4, said: “Few now deny climate change, but there are powerful vested interests still trying to delay tackling it. Who better to shine his torch of truth into the dark caverns of misinformation than Britain’s most fearless – and most fun – campaigner, Joe Lycett?”

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