Gates for wild boars: Germany’s new Guantanamo

The State Hunting Association of Rhineland-Palatinate (a federal state in southwest Germany) opens a so-called wild boar gate, which is to be put into operation in March 2022.

“Hunting dogs” for wild boar hunting are trained in such gates: the dogs should learn to systematically track wild boars and drive them out of the undergrowth.
There are already seven wild boars in the practice gate, which the hunting association received from the wildlife park.

PETA sharply criticizes the wildlife park for handing over the wild animals to the facility that violates animal welfare: the wild boars have to endure attacks from their enemies again and again in a fenced-in area.

PETA calls on those in charge of the wildlife park to take back the wild boars and to guarantee them a safe and species-appropriate home until their natural end of life.
In addition, the animal rights organization advocates a ban on hunting wild boar.

“The keeping conditions in the countryside and the focus on native animal species in game and animal parks represent a deceptive idyll in big cities.
Because even in wildlife parks, animals are treated ruthlessly and with disdain for life.
It is disgusting that such a practice of arming hunting dogs on wildlife is knowingly encouraged in a wildlife park.” (PETA)

Exercise gates mean stress and suffering

According to PETA, wild boar exercise gates are incompatible with animal welfare because the wild boars there are exposed to constant stress and thus considerable suffering.
According to the Animal Welfare Act, it is therefore also forbidden to set one animal on another.
With one exception: The Animal Welfare Act is suspended in this area for hunting.

Apparently harmless-looking illustrative videos of the hunters do not reflect reality, in the opinion of PETA, because dogs often bite into wild animals in hunting practice.

For reasons of animal rights, work in the wild boar fence and “construction facilities” for foxes is clearly to be rejected.
It is a training method on live tame animals that eke out their lives in a gate and are killed after use or unsuitability.

Wild animals in such facilities experience new fear of death and stress with every training session.
What is meant by “species-appropriate care and animal welfare” in this context is hard to imagine.
In addition to the risk of being injured by a wild boar posing, there is also a high risk of dogs getting infected with the deadly virus of Aujetzky’s disease (pseudo-rage) during wild boar hunts and training in the wild boar gate!

In 2016 there were new cases of this epidemic in Germany.
Wild boar gates only attract problems.

Practice has shown that the most serious injuries to animals occur again and again during attacks in the gate – analogous to the construction facilities with the foxes. No fox leaves the construction facilities alive.

The hunt for wild boars is incredibly cruel, and serious violations of the animal welfare and hunting laws are known time and again.
In driven hunts, up to two thirds of the wounded animals do not die immediately, but drag themselves deeper into the forest with shot bones and bowels hanging out.
Often they die a slow, agonizing death after many hours or even days.

The exploitation of dogs for hunting is always associated with animal suffering.
The dogs are not only “trained” on living animals such as wild boars, foxes or ducks, but their own lives are also repeatedly jeopardized in dangerous missions.
Countless dogs are injured during the hunt.

Hobby hunters accept this and literally abuse the animals as hunting weapons.
Shocking recordings in March 2020 showed how a hobby hunter chased a dog on an injured and weakened wild boar and kept yelling at him to bite.

Only a few months earlier, an eyewitness filmed how several “hunting dogs” attacked and bit a wild boar for at least ten minutes – only then did a hobby hunter intervene.

We, from the blog “Wild beim Wild”, also reject the system because:

1. Means stress and risk of injury for wild boars and dogs.

2. Because the “Wild beim Wild” fundamentally finds the approach of such systems wrong and is convinced that driven hunts, with hunting dogs also cause hideous animal suffering due to the many missed shots.

And I mean…The renowned veterinarian Dr. Ralf Unna as a resident veterinarian with eight colleagues in a veterinary practice in Cologne says the following:

“I can tell you what dogs look like, what German hunting terriers look like that come out of a burrow alive.
If they come out alive, they are often badly battered
I can tell you of seven to eight fractures of the lower jaw that have to be wired, of animals that have multiple injuries to their forelegs and facial areas and that have to be cared for for weeks in order to survive at all.

That means, here is a clear violation of the Animal Welfare Act, a very clear one. “

To teach dogs to retrieve, the usual method is for hunters of a live duck to tape the wings or cuff them with paper so that the bird cannot fly away.
The duck is then released in the reeds of a body of water, where the dog is supposed to find it and bring it to the hunter.
The training method is only forbidden in Berlin.

We read on the hunter-friendly portal “Experience the Hunt”: ” According to the State Hunting Association, the gate was built according to the specifications of the Wild Boar Gate e.V. competence group and operated in accordance with animal welfare”.

The hunters have always been professional killers.
In order to sell their crimes against defenseless animals, they have to be also professional liars.

It is a shame for this country that politicians allow this pathetic minority of 0.45% of the population to determine nature conservation and that in our forests and wildlife parks takes place every day massive animal cruelty under the guise of hunting.

My best regards to all, Venus

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