Germany: Hubertus Masse and the hypocrisy of the Church

Every year in autumn the so-called Hubertus masses take place everywhere in the churches.

Priests and pastors of both denominations bless hunters, the hunt and the “route” of the killed animals. – A bloody fraudulent label: Because St. Hubertus, in whose name these masses take place, recognized Christ in the animals and stopped hunting.

But not only St. Hubertus is abused for unholy conduct: the animal-hostile teaching of the churches is a betrayal of the animal-friendly teaching of Jesus.

According to legend, Hubertus was a passionate hunter. One day when he wanted to shoot a deer while hunting, it suddenly came up against him.
A cross shone between his antlers, and Christ said to him in the form of a stag:
“Hubertus, why are you chasing me?”
Hubertus got off his horse and knelt in front of the stag. From that moment on Hubertus stopped hunting and from then on led a simple life.

So much for the legend.

After his experience with the stag, Hubertus stopped hunting and became a serious Christian.
Because true Christianity and hunting just don’t go together. When he met the stag, he was given the choice, either he kills the animal – then he also kills Christ – or he does not do so and confesses to Christ.
Or spoken in the words of Matthew 25:40:
“What you did to one of the least of my brothers, you did to me.”

The meaning of the Hubertus legend is that man should live in harmony and peace with nature and animals.
He should not be the hunter, but the protector and friend of the animals.
As the saying goes in Mark 16:15: “Go out into the whole world and preach the Gospel to all creatures.”

This certainly does not mean hunting, but instead of making St. Hubertus the patron saint of animals, the church appointed him patron saint of hunters.

Neither is it written anywhere that Jesus Christ, whom both denominations venerate as the Son of God, ever hunted animals.
That would also be very absurd, because God’s 5th commandment is “You shall not kill”.

But every hunt is connected with killing.

In spite of all of this, the so-called Hubertus hunts and Hubertus masses take place in churches every year on November 3rd, Hubertus Day.

We owe the fact that the animals in our society have to suffer so unspeakably millions of times over, not least of all, to the anti-animal teaching of the two great churches

Priest: blessing for animal killers

Even if individual upright pastors or priests try to campaign for animal welfare within the church, they are in opposition to the teaching of their church.
Because the church doctrine justifies factory farming, animal transports, slaughterhouses, animal experiments and hunting to this day.

To this day, both churches deny animals the immortal soul.

Since the 4th century, when the emerging Roman power church ousted early Christianity, the church has been against animals – even though Jesus of Nazareth loved animals and the first Christians were vegetarians.

Animal rights activists within the churches are often dismissed by church circles as over-the-top, neurotic weirdos, so it’s no wonder that so many animal rights activists take the lead and leave the church.

All hunters shouldtake St. Hubertus as example and finally stop hunting

And I mean…When will God’s unworthy servants finally stop hypocrisy and betrayal of animals here on earth?

Can one imagine a hunting Jesus with a rifle who, with greed and joy, shoots, injures, cripples rabbits, deer and other animals?
Because many animals do not lie dead “in the fire” immediately, but only die miserably after days or weeks in terrible agony.
Jesus would – like the merchants from the temple once -, today the hunters with a whip out of the forest and meadow – and hunt church!
“Heavenly nefariousness with which the Christian mob treats animals, kills them while laughing, mutilates or tortures them” – Arthur Schopenhauer already formulated the moral reprehensibility of humans in their behavior towards their older relatives, the animals, in such clear words in the 19th century.

Servant of God: You are truly a “model” of the human species – in a negative sense. Be ashamed of yourself, be very ashamed of yourself.

My best regards to all, Venus

Comment 13/10

this german gentleman is a pastor and hobby-hunter. last week he mistook a father of a family for a bear in canada and killed him:

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