Death on the chain: calves in the German dairy industry

The images are unbearable: calves chained up in dark stables that are clearly at the end of their strength.

Calves, only a few days old, in a Brandenburg (Germany) dairy farm. (Image: SOKO Tierschutz e.V)

They are chained and do not have permanent access to food and water as prescribed.
This is shown by pictures that animal rights activists filmed on the farm for over half a year.
An employee can also be seen on the recordings.
Again and again he pulls out dead animals.
Finally, the filmmakers can document how some of the animals, which are only a few days old, slowly perish.

Death on the chain.

(The video is unfortunately in German, but (almost) everything that is told in it is also included in the article)

Exclusive pictures that were leaked for” Report MAINZ” by Friedrich Mülln from “SOKO Tierschutz” (Animal Welfare association)

Image: SOKO Tierschutz.e.V

From the propaganda of the dairy industry, we mostly only know the beautiful pictures of happy calves in the pastures, who can spend time with their mothers.

The reality of the German dairy industry is demonstrably different.
As the video recordings show, calves have to live without freedom of movement and without permanent access to feed and water, even though this is required by law.
After reviewing the material, experts confirm that this is not an isolated case.
Animal abuse is documented and shows that animal cruelty has system.

Around 600,000 calves are born in Germany every year and have to die again shortly afterwards, mainly for economic reasons. They are born so that the cow would give milk, otherwise they are worthless for agriculture.
The veal market is on the floor.
A farmer currently receives eleven euros for a calf, and even the feed costs are higher.
The result: it is most economical for farmers when the animals die again shortly after birth.

Image: SOKO Tierschutz e.V

Calves are slowly dying on the chain

In the documentation, an official veterinarian is asked: “If calves are tied up and left to their own devices, then it is clear that they will die.”
He condemns this form of treatment.
The farmer in question says that he is aware that it is forbidden to keep calves in this way.
The veterinary office has already forbidden him to keep chains, and imposed a fine, but he doesn’t seem to have any real sense of guilt.

Friedrich Mülln, from SOKO Tierschutz e. V. says:
“Anyone who keeps animals like this does not assume that these animals will stay alive.
There are animals that died on the chain.
And they are obviously not being adequately cared for. And one has to say that the farmer simply assumes that these animals can also die from this neglect and that he can then write them off. “

What does the official veterinarian say?
“When I have animals of that age, they actually look quite fit there, but practically tie up calves and then leave them to their own devices, then it is clear that it won’t last long, because then they will die, of course.”

And what does the farmer say about it? The animal rights activists and the Report MAIN team drive to Brandenburg and confront him with the recordings and the assessments. He is ready for an interview, but declines an interview in front of the camera.

He admits that it is his business and that he chained the animals, although he knew that this was forbidden. But he didn’t want to kill them that way, he says (!!!)

No wonder that the animal rights group SOKO Tierschutz has been filming scenes like this again and again for years: dead calves, perished in agony, found behind farms in almost all federal states.

Friedrich Mülln, SOKO Tierschutz e. V .: “Yes, you think there are a lot of carcasses lying around on chicken farms, but the dairy industry is not that different. So thrown away … It’s disposable. “

And I mean…This is not an isolated case, such or similar tortures take place wherever animals are enslaved, exploited and killed for humans.

If you want to end animal suffering, you stop eating animals and their products and you stop cooperating with an institution, the meat industry, which is one of the most criminal in human history.

Not only the babies are treated so cruelly … every animal that is used in any form is degraded to a product / commodity and is brutally killed after a short or often long ordeal.

There is no reason to eat dead animals and their products. But there are many serious against it.
Animal exploitation is a model from the past.
The future is vegan ~

My best regards to all, Venus

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