France: senseless and excruciating experiments on dogs

Again and again he keeps his mouth in the bowl, dips it into the slimy food, tries desperately to ingest something, to swallow – to be full and relaxed for once.
But the muscle paralysis is so advanced that he can hardly move his jaw.
Most of the pulp just runs out of his mouth again, he even finds it difficult to breathe – and the despair keeps growing.

At the Alfort National University of Veterinary Medicine in France, dogs are bred to have paralyzing muscle diseases in order to experiment on the animals.

Actually, the organization wants to find cures for the disease muscular dystrophy.
That is why it finances experiments at the French Alfort National University with donations.
The problem: Instead of working with modern research methods, Alfort conducts animal experiments in which it specifically breeds the disease for dogs that it wants to cure, deliberately creating sick animals that suffer extremely and usually die early.
Research doesn’t get anywhere.

The dogs can only walk, swallow and breathe with great effort. This was shown by shocking recordings from the French animal welfare organization Animal Testing in 2016.

The animal experiments on the dogs are financed by the French aid organization AFM-Téléthon.

PETA France has received shocking images from the Alfort National Veterinary College from the French animal welfare organization Animal Testing.

They show dogs that were specifically bred to have crippling muscle diseases.
The animals can only walk, swallow and breathe with great effort.
Some of them are completely paralyzed before the age of 6 months, and every second animal dies before it is 10 months old.

At some point, some dogs can no longer eat independently and have to be fed through a gastric tube. Heart problems often develop over time as the disease attacks and weakens the heart muscle.

A lab worker admitted that the dogs are suffering: “I don’t want to swap with the beagle. The suffering is real. “

In the video, a man with a censored face explains that a large part of the money for the experiments would be lost if the public learned about the conditions in the laboratories.
“Clearly, if we showed them our dogs with myopathy, they would lose a lot of money,” he explains.
To date, the lab has not commented on the allegations.

A month ago, the EU Parliament voted to actively end animal experiments – with an overwhelming majority of 667 votes, 4 against and 16 abstentions.
The MPs are calling for the EU Commission to phase out animal experiments.
Unfortunately, as a result of this vote, the EU Commission is not obliged to implement such an exit plan.
It is all the more important that we now maintain the pressure on politics and science.
Please help us today!

Help the dogs by calling on AFM-Téléthon to stop supporting the cruel experiments!

Sign and share the Petition:

And I mean…“92% of the potential drugs that have been shown to be effective and safe in animal experiments do not make it through clinical trials, either because they are ineffective or because of undesirable side effects.

Of the 8% of active ingredients that are approved, half will later be withdrawn from the market because more serious, often fatal, side effects are found in humans. ”
Source: The website of the organization “Doctors Against Animal Experiments”.

The reality of genetic experiments, for example, is unduly brutal – and mostly without value: half a million transgenic mice died last year in Germany alone for basic research.
To use? Not visible.
Because: What helps the mouse against Alzheimer’s disease does not help humans by a long way.
However, the pharmaceutical industry tries to convince us otherwise.

In the meantime, the “producers” advertise their laboratory animals as “customized manipulated animals”.
Ethically extremely reprehensible
Behind this is the hunt for patents from multi-billion dollar corporations such as Pfizer or Novartis, which even have genetically engineered chimpanzees patented.

Animals are thus declared to be the product of industry.
It is about senseless cruelty with no real benefit to people, in a world in which there would already be many, many different and more modern methods of research.
Instead of brutally torturing animals, it makes more sense to invest in research into alternative methods.

We cannot support the suffering, the pain, the agony and the terrible death of the animals in the laboratory.
We don’t see any plausible reason for experiments on animals.
The singe reason, why animals are used for experiments ist just because they cannot defend themselves.
That is the ethical basis for all animal testing.

We are in favor of scientific research that does not exploit animals and torture them senselessly.
And will continue to actively fight against animal testing

My best regards to all, Venus

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