England: Vegan Bites 14/3/22.

Welcome to the Vegan Recipe Club newsletter! We’ve got a new sweet/savoury crêpe recipe for you, perfect for all the March celebrations! Enjoy our new super-quick ramen dish which works in every season. We’re delighted to welcome our friends at The Word Forest Organisation who are doing some amazing work and have provided us with their favourite recipes! 

‘Ham’ & ‘Cheese’ Crêpes

Fill your savoury crêpe with lovely melty ‘cheese’ and ‘ham’ for the ultimate quick comfort meal.

Here is the recipe link:  ‘Ham’ & ‘Cheese’ Crêpes – Vegan Recipe Club

4 Ingredient Vegan Crêpes (Sweet or Savoury)

This crêpe batter is extremely plain and simple so it can be used to make sweet or savoury pancakes! We’ve got lots of filling ideas for you so pick your favourites and enjoy 🙂

Here is the recipe link:  4 Ingredient Vegan Crêpes (Sweet or Savoury) – Vegan Recipe Club

15 Minute Ramen (One Pot)                                                     

This recipe is full of flavour and healthy ingredients – so quick and easy too! Perfect for busy evenings and workday lunches 🙂

Recipe link:  15 Minute Ramen (One Pot) – Vegan Recipe Club

Tricolour Posh Plait Bread

This is one of Tracey’s favourite bread recipes to teach. It looks complicated but it’s dead easy and it pulls all sorts of colourful seasonal veg into play!

Recipe:  Tricolour Posh Plait Bread – Vegan Recipe Club

Who Knew? Banana Pulled ‘Pork’

This is one of Simon’s signature dishes and from start to finish, it is literally ready to nom in 20 minutes! 

Recipe:  Who Knew? Banana Pulled ‘Pork’ – Vegan Recipe Club

Ever wondered what a week of vegan food looks like for us at Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club? Our social media coordinator, Pia, is lifting the lid on her foodie-habits and offering some fabulous tips to make every day filled with delicious plant-based delights!

Full article link:  What I Eat in a Week – Vegan Recipe Club

Regards Mark

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