USA: Tell Procter & Gamble: Stop Flushing our Forests Down the Toilet!.

The Canadian boreal forest stores twice as much carbon as the world’s oil reserves, making it essential in fighting climate change. But Procter & Gamble uses clear-cut boreal forest to make its Charmin toilet paper brand.

Tell P&G: Stop destroying our climate and END this tree-to-toilet pipeline!

Take Action:


Every minute, a small city block’s worth of trees in Canada’s majestic boreal forest is clearcut, in part to make Procter & Gamble’s tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper — including its Charmin toilet paper brand.

In fact, P&G actually increased the share of boreal forest fiber in its products this past year, further decimating this vital forest!
At this urgent moment in the fight to avert catastrophic climate change, the boreal is our indispensable ally. So we’re raising a resounding public outcry to protect the boreal from more and more logging to make toilet paper and other disposable paper products.

Tell Procter and Gamble CEO Jon Moeller: Stop fueling the destruction of our planet’s last unspoiled forests!

He needs to know there are millions of environmental champions like you committed to holding his company accountable,so please send your message now!

Canada’s boreal forest and its verdant spruce and fir trees, lush wetlands, and peat bogs are the ancestral home for more than 600 Indigenous communities. It’s also a life-sustaining refuge for abundant wildlife from the Canada lynx to the boreal caribou.

The boreal also stores enormous amounts of carbon, making it vitally important in the global fight against climate change.Mark, we don’t have any time — or forests — to waste. Our new reality of droughts, floods, wildfires, and 100-year storms will be just the prologue to a far more dangerous, inhospitable future if we don’t act nowAnd protecting our planet’s forests is a crucial part of that plan. They absorb and lock up vast amounts of carbon in their trees and soils, buying us critical time to transition to a clean energy future. The boreal forest that P&G is sourcing from is the most carbon-dense terrestrial ecosystem in the world and it must be protected!

Will you join me and your fellow NRDC supporters in sending P&G a message that’s too loud to ignore? Tell them: Stop sacrificing Canada’s boreal forest — and our climate — for throwaway toilet paper!

A majority of voting shareholders called on P&G in 2020 to pledge to eliminate deforestation and the degradation of intact forests from its supply chain. And with more than $76 billion in revenue last year, P&G has ample resources to increase the amount of recycled content in its single-use products. Yet P&G stubbornly refused to change course and doubled down on its use of boreal forest fiber.

If P&G won’t listen to its own shareholders, then we’ll drum up a major consumer backlash so large they’ll be forced to pay attention.

Please, take one minute to demand that P&G end its destruction of the Canadian boreal — immediately and permanently.


Shelley Vinyard
Boreal Corporate Campaign Manager, NRDC

Regards Mark

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