Four Rescued Bear Cubs Find Happiness At Animals Asia’s Sanctuary.

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Four rescued bear cubs find happiness at Animals Asia’s sanctuary

22 March 2022

Wonder, Marvel, Yen and Pudding were victims of the illegal wildlife trafficking trade. Torn from their mothers at just a few weeks old, they were thrown into tiny cages to be sold to the highest bidder. But just as they were facing a terrifying future, Animals Asia rescued Wonder, Marvel, and Yen, and Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre rescued Pudding.

First few weeks at sanctuary

The first few days at our sanctuary were understandably difficult for the cubs. Terrified, confused, and desperately missing their mums, they paced, swayed their heads and sucked their paws – typical signs of distress in captive animals.

Our bear care team took it in turns to look after the cubs day and night. They quietly sat with them, gently offering food and natural enrichment, and talking to them in calm, soothing and reassuring voices.

Baby steps

After a few weeks, the cubs had developed good appetites, were playing with the natural toys we gave them, and their distressing behaviour had eased. Yen showed a particular interest in hessian sacks and played with them for hours, while Marvel, despite being very nervous when he first arrived, loved the noisy toys the most!

They were ready to move to the special area of our sanctuary that’s reserved for our smallest and youngest bears, the Cub House!

The cubs were moved to their own dens which were joined together but separated by sliding doors, so they could hear, smell and see each other from the safety and comfort of their own spaces.

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