Belgium: The evolution of food: towards animal-free and sustainable technology.

28 March 2022

GAIA (Belgium)

GAIA and Eurogroup for Animals are delighted to welcome you to Europe’s first-ever symposium on animal-free and sustainable meats, which will be held on 25 April at the Museum of Natural Sciences, Brussels.

Novel technologies, including cultivated meat and precision fermentation, are challenging conventional meat production. Which barriers still exist? What are the environmental and social benefits? And what is the perception of consumers? 

Come join us together with international experts who will help clarify, debate and answer such questions and many more. We’d like to take this opportunity to announce the highly esteemed Jane Goodall will be our virtual guest of honour during the event.


Please find a copy of the agenda here.


Kindly note that you first need to fill in your email address on the registration page in order to proceed to the actual registration form. You can find the registration form here.

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You can watch our short video series or read our FAQs that answers your most pressing questions.

Regards Mark

Enjoy !

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