How you can support animal protection organisations in Ukraine.

With tensions involving Ukraine having descended into war, we find ourselves in deeply troubling times and stand in solidarity with everyone affected.

All EU Member States have a possibility to apply exemptions on the non-commercial movement of pets due to an exceptional situation (Article 32 of Regulation (EU) 576/2013). 

We are glad to report that several EU Member States temporarily lifted restrictions on the movements of pets. This is allowing refugees to bring their pets, and other small animals, with them. The Members States are:

Poland (information in UA, PL, EN) 

Latvia (information in LV, EN)

Hungary (information in UA, HU, EN) 

Romania (information in RO, EN, FR) 

Czechia (information in UA, CZ, EN)

Slovakia (information under point 10, in UA, SK, EN) 

Italy (information in IT)

Germany (information in DE)

Belgium (information in FR, NL, EN) 

Finland (information in FI, SE, EN) 

Ireland (information in EN) 

Denmark (information in DK, EN) 

The Netherlands (information in NL)

Sweden (information in UA, EN) 

Estonia (information in EST)

Croatia (information in HR)


Some members are actively working, or collaborating with other organisations, on the ground. If you would like to support those protecting the animals caught up in Russia’s war on Ukraine, you could consider making a donation to these organisations working in Ukraine or with animals coming from Ukraine:

Deutscher Tierschutzbund – Shelter Tierschutzzentrum Odessa 

Four Paws  

Humanny Pokrok is donating 100% of their e-shop income to support Ukraine

Open Cages


Společnost pro zvířata

GATO – Animal protection and advocacy Lithuania

World Horse Welfare – British Equestrians for Ukraine Fund

Other organisations collecting donations:




Lucky strand

Happy paw

UAAA (Ukrainian association of animal advocates)

Fundacja Viva! Polska

Gyvunu Geroves Iniciatyvos

Save the Dogs and other Animals

Rifugio Italia Kiev

Emergency appeal for Ukrainian zoos (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria)

Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation

Shelter Ugolyok

Kyiv Animal Rescue

Vet Crew

Shelter Sirius

Save a Fox

Gostomel Shelter

Help from Romania

The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries has shared a list of Romanian Animal Shelters who are accepting refugee animals from Ukraine (some offer shelter for any species, including farm animals): 

Save our paws, Iasi Romania

Association Riga si Berlin, Bucharest, Romania

Animal Society

Adapostul Speranta (Hope Shelter), Bucharest

Casa lui Patrocle, Suceava (very close to the Ukrainian border – also accepts farm animals)

Regards Mark

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