India: Springtime babies remind us how beautiful life is.

Dear Mark,

To survive, and thrive, without their mothers, babies need genuinely intensive care.

We work hard to make reassuring spaces for orphaned babies who, with each hour bringing new abilities, need safe spaces to stretch their body and minds to explore their world.

Sometimes the youngsters’ older and larger new friends are wonderful guardians. But sometimes those new friends don’t know their own strength and we have to make sure no bossy “me first!” goat gets too rowdy with a wide-eyed, weeks-old calf.

Thank you for your help that enables us to provide fencing, nesting boxes, kennels, care-givers, medical care, and daytime roaming spaces for animals, young and old to fulfil their physical and emotional needs. Through the chirps, ear-wiggles, and subtle (very subtle) blinks of a tortoise’s eye, the animals are saying thank you in their own ways every day.

Trinket’s mother rushed us to her wounded baby!

An astounding Mother-Dog-On-A-Mission led our rescue team through winding back lanes to her badly wounded baby. Her sweetheart could not appear more forlorn,blood filling his mouth, chest, and covering even his paws.He kept as still as a statue, seemingly in shock after the traumatic blow of a vehicle.

His motherwagged her tail pleadingly as we gathered up her baby, almost as if she knew we would try to help. If you can get through the heartbreak of the opening scenes, we promise you this little boy, after healing from a fractured jaw, will definitely bring you a smile today as big as his own. Meet Trinket today!

Please donate today to help mothers whose babies need urgent help.

Aatifa literally leapt into the ambulance to save her own life

This badly injured lady wriggled and snarled when our rescuers attempted to lift her to bring her to our ambulance.

But wait!

She had a bright twinkle in her eye and an eagerly wagging little stub of a tail (we suspect she had been an owned dog with an illegally docked tail and had been abandoned with her injury). She leapt away from our rescuers and headed straight for…not the bushes! Straight for the ambulance itself! She wasted no time to quite clearly say: “Open the door so I can jump in!”

Once back in our hospital we thoroughly cleaned her very serious neck wound and her healing began. But during the 4th week of her healing process, we were alarmed that she suddenly fell ill. Although we vaccinate all animals on arrival at Animal Aid, because she had most likely never been vaccinated by her owners, she was vulnerable to the many diseases present in the other rescued animals receiving treatment. She developed respiratory problems, lost weight, and after all her amazing healing, we feared we might lose her.

But oh wow! She was even stronger than we thought! Meet the simply astounding Aatifa now!

All animals deserve protection and care. Please donate today for injured and ill animals abandoned by their owners who need our help.

Cherishing Duggu as he grows up!

Who could have the heart to abandon little Duggu? One day last October, we found him wandering alone, just days old, having been abandoned by a dairy producer, most likely because he was a male calf. He was starving, barely standing, sad and confused.

Today we celebrate Duggu’s Life After Rescue: Uneventful, Non-dramatic, Not terrifying and Totally Not Heartbreaking life story after rescue! He has lived and thrived in our calf nursery-cum-sheep and goat village ever since. In case you’re wondering, it’s very common for calfs’ color to change many times as they grow. They can even go from being white at birth to black and shades of brown as an adult!

After rescue, as he bonded with his new human “mothers” and friends, nothing bad or sad has ever happened to him! He has drunk every drop of his warmed milk pressed against his human holding the milk bottle. He’s had loving care, room to romp, loads of friends, a cozy coat in the winter and fresh breeze in the spring.

Duggu is growing strong and steadily and will soon “graduate” to the area of our sanctuary where the big boys and girls live–more space, adult cows, neutered bulls and donkeys, and always plenty of youngsters too. Oh, and out there, sanctuary dogs Rimjim, Moonie, Grace and Twinkletoes remind us that they’re there too!

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim,
and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

We deeply thank you for your generous support, giving rescue and sanctuary to someone dear whose problem was not only physical but emotional. Duggu needed help, and behind the scenes, you were there every step of the way.

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Regards Mark

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