Ukraine: A Great Story – Brave Puppy Pulled From Rubble and Reunited with Ukrainian Master, 77.

© Provided by Daily Mail The 77-year-old owner thanked Donetsk police for pulling his brave dog out of the rubble

This is the heart-melting moment a tiny pup gasps for air after being pulled out of the rubble of a bombed-out home in eastern Ukraine.

Its battle-scarred 77-year-old owner was elated to be reunited with his brave best friend.

Video shows the aftermath of a Russian shell attack on homes in the village of Mikhailovka, Donetsk region.

The grandfather whose house was destroyed made a lucky escape and was able to stand, though he looked worse for wear.

Yet his thoughts immediately turned to the dog, who was missing in the wreckage. 

Police quickly arrived after the shelling ended and – after hearing a timid squeal from below piles of concrete – began burrowing away at the rubble.

Below piles of broken rock, a tiny black dog covered in dust is struggling to breathe. But like his owner, it is miraculously still alive.

The dog’s master thanked Donetsk Regional Police officers for their speedy arrival and for rescuing the persistent pup.

He said: ‘Thanks to the boys for doing everything quickly and promptly here… Thanks a lot to them!’  

Donetsk Regional Police confirmed the rescue and said they were more than happy to help the elderly man. 

They said: ‘[He] was desperate to see his four-legged friend. Law enforcement officers did not give up hope of finding him.

‘The owner and his dog were given medical care. All is well with them.’ 

Local police added: ‘Russia’s war crimes have been documented. The occupier will be held accountable for every missile and projectile fired at civilians.”

© Provided by Daily Mail Brave police officers were rapidly on the scene after shelling ended in the Donetsk village

Residents in the eastern Donetsk region are preparing for even more intense conflict as Russia redeploys soldiers who failed to take Kyiv to the country’s more vulnerable region. 

Almost 50 days since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Putin’s forces have lost 19,800 men, according to the Ukrainian army.

Kyiv also claims Russia has lost 739 tanks, 1,964 armoured fighting vehicles, 358 artillery systems and 115 multiple launch rocket systems.

That is in addition to 64 destroyed anti-aircraft systems, 158 warplanes, 143 helicopters, 1,429 motor vehicles, seven vessels, 76 fuel tankers, 132 unmanned aerial vehicles, 25 special equipment units and four mobile SRBM systems.

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Watch the video of the rescue by clicking on this link:

Brave puppy pulled from rubble and reunited with Ukrainian master, 77 (

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