England: Reed Bunting and Robin Photos From Pauline – 17/12/22. A VERY Cold Week For These Little Survivors.

Animal buddy Pauline sent me these beautiful phots that she has taken this morning.

Check out all of Pauline’s past photos by visiting https://worldanimalsvoice.com/?s=pauline+photos

The UK has been blasted (well blasted !) for well over a week now by Arctic winters coming down from the high North; a real shock for many after very high Spummer temperatures. In the UK we are used to cold and snow, but this last week has been a real blast.

Finally today (17/12) we are starting to see slow changes for the better as the weather is starting to arrive instead from the Atlantic; tomorrow should see it a bit warmer and the snow starting to clear more.

It always amazes me how these tiny little birds can survive endless night temperatures of -11 or more, as it has been.

My breakfast buddy Robin https://worldanimalsvoice.com/?s=breakfast+buddy and hundreds of other birds here in the garden have been keeping me real busy (and I mean real busy) over the last week getting food out to them all to help them survive these very cold days and nights. Buddy Robin is fine and is first in the queue each morning for something to eat. Pauline’s Robin pictures show that we have had a lot of snow, but with regular feeding I hope that I have helped them get through a very hard period. It makes me feel better.

Regards Mark and Pauline.

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