Belgium: Stop The Cruelty, Buy FAUX Gras For The Holidays.

Faux Gras for the holidays!

Dear animal lover,

Foie gras will be more expensive this year following an epidemic of bird flu in the duck population.  As if these poor animals did not already suffer enough from the cruel treatment of force-feeding!

GAIA fights body and soul to put an end to this practice in Belgium. In addition to our lobbying actions with politicians and raising awareness among the general public via our video below, we have been offering an alternative with our Faux Gras that respects both gourmets and animals. It is now available in 2 certified organic versions :

  • Faux Gras and its delicate taste (1)
  • Faux Gras with cranberries with leaked flavors (2)

Enough to start your holiday meals in an original way and with a clear conscience and this, at the modest prices of 3.69 € (1) and 3.89 € (2) the box of 125g. You can order them for home delivery via the button below.  

You will also find our Faux gras at Delhaize, Colruyt, Aldi, Lidl, Carrefour, Match and Cora.

By buying our Faux Gras, you contribute to our fight to end force-feeding in Belgium. Help our duck friends and make the holidays no longer a nightmare time for them.

Many thanks for your support,

Michel Vandenbosch
President de GAIA

P.S.: Also take advantage of our Webshop to find many ideas for end-of-year gifts and thus financially help our fight for the defense of animals.  

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