2023 WILL BE Another Landmark Year for Animal Rights.

We have all the time in the World to get things sorted correctly:

2023 will be another landmark year for animal rights | HeraldScotland

JUST in the last year, the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Act was passed, which legally recognises animals as sensitive, thinking beings.

The move reflects a growing social movement: a shift in our attitudes and perspectives is resulting from greater understanding of animals’ right to exist free from exploitation and abuse. Whether we’re humans, lizards, birds, or bears, we all feel joy, sadness, fear, and love. We all have a burning desire to live.

No doubt, in 2023, we’ll continue to make strides in the fight against speciesism – the archaic assumption that other animals are “things” for us to use as and when we please – because notions of human superiority are misguided. Scientists (and common sense) tell us that just like us, other animals have unique needs, wants, preferences, and personalities.

Humans are just one animal among many – we’re all part of the great orchestra of life on Earth, and it’s time we acted as such.

Read the full article via the above (Herald Scotland) link.

Regards Mark

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