England: Sorry, But New Year Fireworks Are Cancelled – We Dont Want To Harm / Frighten ‘Thor’, Our Visitor Walrus.

This is a great story. 

The brilliant guys at BDMLR British Divers Marine Life Rescue (bdmlr.org.uk)  are monitoring Thor all the way, and it is hoped that soon he will return to the icy Arctic waters that he belongs in.

The walrus who attracted huge crowds in Scarborough and saw the town’s new year fireworks cancelled has left his latest stopping point of Blyth.

Photo – Alan Tilmouth

The animal, dubbed Thor, arrived in the Northumberland harbour at about midday on Monday where he rested on a pontoon.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) kept watch overnight and said he left Blyth at about 06:45 GMT on Tuesday.

It is hoped he will head north to his normal Arctic waters.

Thor the walrus leaves Blyth after overnight harbour stay – BBC News

How celebrity walrus Thor swam from his Arctic home to the shores of north Europe (msn.com)

Regards Mark

Photo – David Black



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