England: If You Shop Online At Amazon, Dont Use the Normal Route – Use ‘Amazon Smile’ Instead and Get Amazon to Donate Money to A Charity of Your Choice. Its Easy, Its Free – Its Still Amazon, So Use It !

If you shop at Amazon, like many of us do now days; there is a way that you can still buy (through Amazon) and yet at the very same time, get Amazon to donate money to an animal organisation of your choice.

Instead of just selecting items directly from the main Amazon site, do a Google search for ‘Amazon Smile’.

My selected charity is the London based Brooke Hospital for Animals, for which I am able to view my donation status at any time: The Brooke do such fantastic work, so why not support them ?

Your current charity

The Brooke Hospital For Animals

Location: London

MissionTo promote the welfare and relieve the suffering of working equines and other animals in africa, asia, the middle east and south and central america, and in any other areas outside the united kingdom that the trustees may think fit, for the public benefit, in particular, but not exclusively, by: the support, promotion and provision of veterinary and other animal healthcare services whether in the context of veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, other animal healthcare facilities or…

Programmes: Activities: Makes grants to organisations, provides services, provides advocacy/advice/information, sponsors or undertakes research, Beneficiaries: Other defined groups, Purposes: Education/training, animals

Anything I purchase through Amazon is always made via Amazon Smile.

With my purchases over the last 12 months, as you can see below, I have got Amazon to donate £52-41 to the Brooke.  Along with other Amazon Smile users, we have collected more than £24,000 for the Brooke.

You have generated

as of 07 January 2023

My current charity,

The Brooke Hospital For Animals has received

£24,031.45 as of November 2022

It costs you nothing, and is simple to switch from Amazon to Amazon Smile every time you purchase.  Not everyone knows about this, but for sure it is the way to do your shop and also donate to charity at the same time.

I would encourage everyone to shop via Amazon Smile instead of the normal Amazon site; why not shop and get money given to a charity of your choice instead of getting Amazon to donate nothing ?

Try it – Amazon Smile.

Every little bit counts

When millions of supporters shop using AmazonSmile, charitable donations quickly add up. Additional donations generated as a result of special offers may take several months to update.

United Kingdom charities have received

£18,557,857.86 as of December 2022

All worldwide charities have received

£381,995,657.00 as of December 2022

Regards Mark

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