India: Happy New Year From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Dear Mark,     

Because of you, our helpline is a lifeline for street animals. 20 years ago there was no number to call if you saw an injured animal on the street in Udaipur. When we opened our helpline in 2002 we were thrilled to receive a few calls in a week. Today, thanks to your incredible support, our outreach staff attend to between 100-150 calls each day from 7AM to midnight, prioritizing the most critical animals, guiding the community, and dispatching our rescue teams where they are needed most.

Your support enabled us to care for over 800 animals each day, including our beloved permanent residents and those who were with us for the duration of their recovery.

Your support enabled us to care for over 800 animals each day, including our beloved permanent residents and those who were with us for the duration of their recovery.

Thousands of street treatment visits provided care to animals in their own neighbourhoods, involving the community and preventing hospitlization.

We deeply thank you for all the achievements you made possible for street animals in 2022 and we are excited to help even more animals this year!

Plans underway to expand spay and neuter in 2023!

We are excited to announce that we will be re-opening our sterilization center and will be significantly increasing our spay and neuter surgeries this year. After having to shut the center down during COVID, we’ve been enthusiastically working to build back our capacity to undertake this vitally needed work while continuing our rescue and hospital service. Stay posted for more updates on this coming soon! 

Since Covid lockdowns you’ve heard our sad lament that we deeply missed our volunteers. But yes, they’re back! And the animals and staff could not be more delighted–and grateful.

Laughter and nurturing care rings out from those who come to help; new friendships are formed between people and animals, and Animal Aid is an even happier healing place–for our animals and our hearts!

Sage is one of the very BEST boys, but he had one of the worst injuries

When we got the call to receive this injured dog, we found him staggering in pain and confusion in the middle of the road, with wire embedded all the way around his neck, cutting down to the muscle.  When we brought him back to our hospital we removed the wire and began his life-saving treatment–antibiotics, wound dressing, IV fluids and painkillers.

Click ‘watch on youtube’ to see video:

We simply can’t imagine the pain he had endured for likely many weeks, judging from the damage the wire had caused to his entire neck. It’s just incredible that he even had the strength to continue searching for food and water despite such a horrific injury. Deepest thanks to our supporters, who enabled us to rescue Sage, and not only relieve his pain, but give him back his very life.

For someone who needs you: donate today.

Edith finds happiness after tragedy

We received a call that a mother dog had severe burns all over her body. We found her nervously pacing near her injured babies, confused and almost as if asking for help. We do not know how she was burned but we suspect she may have been trying to save her babies, as her face was covered in painful blisters. Heartbreakingly, her puppies were severely injured and did not survive.

Her recovery was one of physical as well as emotional healing from the trauma she survived. Watch Edith’s story til the end–it will strengthen your hope in the power of love.

Even after tragedy, happiness can come again! Please donate today

Saving the life of a street animal looks good on you.

100% of the proceeds go to our street animal rescues.

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We thank you deeply for all you do, are, and inspire for animals

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim, and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

Regards Mark

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