India: Gearing Up For An Amazing Year For Animals In 2023 – Animal Aid Unlimited.

Dear Mark,     

We’re gearing up for an amazing year ahead for animals, thanks to your incredible support. 

A major area of focus is staff training and development. To this end, we have recently hired and begun training 10 new veterinary assistants to join our medical team. From dressing wounds, to giving medication, to helping with feeding, they will help make sure that animals get all the care they need to recover as quickly as possible. 

We reach higher every year because the animals deserve it, and your support has made so many dreams come true.

Do you know someone passionate about animal protection who’s ready for a new life adventure? 

Animal Aid is NOW HIRING!

Click here for detailed information about a variety of open positions for Indian Nationals and International applicants both, from Veterinarian to Volunteer Coordinator to Videographer!


Apollo’s jaw was broken, but not his spirit! 

With his jaw broken in two, this beautiful boy seemed to plead to his rescuers to help him. He couldn’t close or move his jaw, and his face showed utter bewilderment. But he shyly turned on his back in an act of pure submission, his tail wagging as if asking for help to stop the pain.

When we sedated him and saw the full extent of the fractures in his jaw, we were worried we might not be able to save him. But we tried our best. And to our delight, he responded extremely well to the sutures, and by his third day was ready to start slurping up his liquid diet.

From that moment, we knew the incredibly sweet Apollo was going to thrive!

To help someone who wants to live, please donate today.

Casper came home to die.

But we came to his home to save him.

The family who feeds him hadn’t seen him for days and thought he was never coming home again. We can only imagine the difficulty he had making his journey home–perhaps from a great distance, and in excruciating pain and confusion. He must have used every ounce of his remaining strength just to make it home.

When we rescued him, he was too weak to resist, and he quietly endured the removal of maggots infesting his wound despite the pain he must have been in. But as he healed, his eyes and entire face transformed. He always had a few words for us during the weeks of wound dressings that followed, but this was a good sign. It meant he was strong enough to fight for his life. He was also strong enough to start demanding cuddles!

Heal a life-threatening wound for a life-loving sweetheart. Please donate today

From around the world, volunteers are bringing love to their beloved animals.

From Handicapped Heaven, to the Rehabilitation area, to Oldies and up to Peace Place and Sanctuary, everywhere we look we see animals basking in the love and attention showered on them from volunteers from around the world! 

Over there brushing a calf we see Dharmada, who has volunteered many times and especially loves spending time with the cows; over here we see Robin at work with an elderly dog in her arms; and busily refilling water bowls, sweeping, and stopping frequently for a cuddle is Sarah. 

In the Rehabilitation area we see Teresa massaging the shoulders of a road accident survivor; here too is Kitty whose multiple volunteering weeks have brought her loving hands to once again massage the hind limbs of paralysed dogs on a chilly morning. 

And there are first-time-but-not-final-time volunteers Jane and Melanie, who “hit the ground running” with gentle grace and so much loving kindness for the animals.

Learn more about volunteering:

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Saving the life of a street animal looks good on you.

100% of the proceeds go to our street animal rescues

Go shopping here:

Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

We thank you deeply for all you do, are, and inspire for animals

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim, and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

Regards Mark

Above – My Golda waits in the snow.

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