Day: March 4, 2023

UK: Mass Pet Cull (11 Million Animals +) Considered BY UK Government In Early Days of Covid, But UK Government, Keep Quiet About Mentioning Wet Markets To The Chinese As Possible Original Source. Say Nothing Then, and Still Say Nothing Now.

UK blast from the recent past.

Personally I feel that whatever the circumstances, introducing legislation to eradicate the entire UK cat population would have been political suicide for government  – and they knew it, that is why it went no further.

Also, what are we seeing and hearing about actions being flagged about the wet markets in places such as Wuhan ? – I have not heard much, have you ?

Seems like business as usual to me.  The UK government have kept their lips zipped about wet markets in China; the probable cause of Covid; yet they talk about wiping out the entire UK cat population just to make UK citizens think wrongly that they are doing something to control.

The control needs to come from source – the Chinese wet markets; no where else.

The current UK government has had it day anyway and I can predict that they will be annihilated at the next general election.  They don’t put pressure on and they do not ask difficult questions about Covid to the Chinese like they should.

Regards Mark

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