Day: March 14, 2023

Italy: Live Footage From Cages Shows the Reality of Italian Factory Farms.

24h LIVE footage from factory cages: dive into the heartbreaking reality of confined animals on Italian factory farms

11 March 2023

Essere Animali

Essere Animali has launched a 24h live broadcast from four different intensive breeding farms in Italy, to illustrate the sad fate of caged animals first-hand.

Conducted for End the Cage Age, the coalition that aims to end the use of cages for animals bred for food, the project consists of a real live broadcast from rabbit, calf, sow and chicken farms.

From 10 p.m. on Friday 10 March until 10 p.m. on Saturday 11 March, the everyday life of these animals – who are forced to live in cages in extreme confinement, and with no possibilities to express their natural behaviours – will be shown.

You can access the livestream below, or via this link.

The End the Cage Age initiative has collected more than 1.4 million signatures validated throughout Europe, and has achieved success so far with the European Commission’s commitment to work for a ban in the EU on cage farming. Cage farming is also considered by the scientific community as being in stark contrast to the animal welfare standards the farming sector should meet, and has further been criticised by the European Food Safety Authority.

But there is still a lot of work to be done. In Italy, more than 40 million animals are still bred in these conditions, and it is essential that the government and relevant companies work together to phase out this practice.

It’s what the animals desperately need, and what EU citizens clearly want. In fact, according to a poll by YouGov Plc (2020), 84% of Italian citizens believe that the use of cages is cruel to animals, and 83% call for agricultural funds to be used to incentivise the transition to cage-free farming. It’s time to answer the public’s calls for change and put an end to animals living behind bars.

footage from factory cages: dive into the heartbreaking reality of confined animals on Italian factory farms.

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USA: US Military Tests On Animals for ‘Havana Syndrome’.

The US military has been carrying out and funding testing on various animals.

The testing is aimed at seeing if radio frequency waves cause the mysterious sickness known as “Havana Syndrome.”

US intelligence determined last week that the ailment is likely not caused by a foreign adversary or weapon.

The US military has been carrying out experiments on animals in an effort to replicate the symptoms caused by the mysterious “Havana Syndrome,” according to a new report. 

The Pentagon has been exposing primates to pulsed radio frequency waves to see if that could be the cause of the unexplained ailment that has sickened scores of US government personnel over the past few years, Politico reported on Thursday. The new report comes days after the outlet reported that the Department of Defense was continuing to test weapon systems in an attempt to recreate Havana Syndrome symptoms after an intelligence community dismissed the theory that a foreign adversary or energy weapon was to blame.

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The US military has been testing pulsed energy on animals trying to recreate the mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’ symptoms: report (

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Malaysia: Animal Rights Group Lodge Police Report Over Baby Macaques Being Tortured and Offered For Sale.

PETALING JAYA: A local animal rights group has lodged a police report over videos of baby long-tailed macaques being tortured that are being offered for sale on a Telegram group.

The report was filed by Hak Asasi Hidupan Liar Malaysia (Hidup) at the Shah Alam district police headquarters following a tip-off from US-based animal welfare group Lady Freethinker and UK’s Action for Primates,

The videos are being sold in a Telegram group called “Monkey Haters”.

“It is such a brutal form of torture that should be investigated immediately by the police,” Hidup’s Dr Kartini Farah Abdul Rahim was quoted as saying by news portal Free Malaysia Today on Friday (Jan 20).

The footage depicted many despicable forms of torture, which includes, dismembering, mutilation, burning, boiling and skinning of monkeys while still alive.

“The monkeys were shrieking and screaming. During the process, the perpetrators take pictures and videos and post them on Telegram,” lawyer Rajesh Nagarajan was quoted as saying.

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Animal rights group lodges police report over monkey ‘torture porn’ | The Star

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