Day: March 12, 2023

England: New March (2023) Photographs From Pauline.

Here are the latest photographs which have been sent through by fellow animal buddy Pauline taken in and around South London.

You can see all of her past excellent images by clicking on

Finally, I want to thank her for my fabulous birthday card relating to Badgers – we are both Badger people; doing our best to speak up for and look after this iconic chunk of British wildlife. I have scanned in the basic card here for you to see, but on the real card all the heads and other wildlife move – super cool !

My super cool Badger birthday card from Pauline:

Singing Robin:

Above – Adult Herons with baby – see below.

Below – Dunnock.

Below – Heron gathers fish to feed its baby.

Below – Lapwing and Shovelar Duck.

Below – Long Tailed Tit.

Below – Raindrops on the pond.

Below – Two Robins – a bit unusual to see 2 together.

Pauline’s dad has made friends with a little mouse – you can see him enjoying some scoff here:

Grey Squirrel.

.. and finally more Robin:

My garden Badger thinks they are all pictures to smile at: he comes round each night for some food treats.

Be good to wildlife no matter what shape and form it comes in – they are all there for a reason;

Regards Pauline and Mark