UK: We Have Values, and Being Part of a Trade In Endangered Species Body Parts Is Not Part of Those Values.

This is about the values that we in Britain have, that we do not want to be part of a trade in endangered species’ body parts.

On Thursday 16/3/22, the UK Parliament in London voted (un opposed) and passed the ‘trophy hunting law’; which will now (once passed into law / legislation very soon) stop trophy hunting ‘items’, including hunted animals heads, the skins and tusks of murdered animals etc from being imported into the UK by the sadistic blood lust killers who pay highly financially to travel to Africa in order to undertake their murdering ‘sport’ (as they see it).

Many organisations, celebrities and good ol normal people here in the UK have campaigned about getting this legislation for years.

As expected, ‘pro hunt ‘conservation groups’ (??) have come out of Africa and expressed their concerns – you can read more here:

UK parliament passes trophy hunting law – Digital Journal

Saying things like ‘it is another way of re-colonising Africa’; But we here in England were ‘colonised’ by the Romans when they invaded us in 55BC; we were also invaded a lot by the Vikings; but hey, that is what happens and is called history; I may have been bummed off as an Englishman in 55BC; but throughout history, times and things change; and for me, this ban is very much to the positive; not really a move to re-colonise Africa !! – get a grip please, most of the world detests hunting animals for ‘sport’; and so they will work to oppose it.

Further reading:

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Regards Mark

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