England: Good Hugs; Bad Hugs.

Please, no more bad hug nights like this; the right night hug is wonderful and sexy, but only when you get it from someone special; and it is not done by un unseen ‘thing’; then it becomes a bastard.

Fortunately, there are brilliant bands like the Cure; so they bring some solace when things are down.

Sorry folks for not posting recently, but have been having REAL BAD fights with my MS over the last few weeks – we all enjoy a hug, but not this kind.

As the guy says here, it is NOT a nice hug:

Regardless, have been doing a little with a friend still about live animal transport.

Anyway, things a little better today so will try and catch up with a few things; here we go.

Joint letter urges EU Chief Veterinarians to put animal welfare issues on the agenda

3 April 2023

Djurens Rätt

Together with Djurens Rätt, Eurogroup for Animals and eleven other organisations have sent a letter to the EU’s Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs) asking to put important animal welfare issues on the agenda at the upcoming CVO meeting in April.

Ahead of the EU Chief Veterinary Officers’ (CVOs) planned meeting in Varberg, Sweden, on 25-28 April this year, Djurens Rätt has sent a joint letter along with twelve other animal protection organisations to the chief veterinarians.

The meeting’s theme is sustainability and will address current issues in the fields of animal health, welfare and food safety. 

The letter outlines key animal welfare issues to be addressed at the meeting and urges the group to actively participate in the ongoing legislative process at EU level. They are also invited to participate in a meeting with signatory organisations to further discuss the content of the letter.

The letter addresses the following issues:

Reduced meat consumption and improved welfare for safe and sustainable food production

 A Fur Free Europe

An end to caged animals (End the Cage Age)

Strengthened animal welfare for fish

An end to the distressing and cruel transport of animals

Enhanced animal welfare at slaughter

The full text of the letter is available here.


Joint letter to the CVO group for the April 2023 meeting_20230331.pdf261.03 KB

With this letter, a significant part of the international animal rights and welfare movement is sending clear messages to the EU Chief Veterinary Officers ahead of their meeting on sustainability in Varberg in April. Animal welfare is an important part of sustainability and I do hope that the entire CVO group is inspired by the content of the letter, to put the best interests of animals on the agenda and to use the opportunities they as a CVO group have, to contribute to strengthened animal welfare at EU level. 

Camilla Bergvall, President of Djurens Rätt

Hope to be posting more today, but please just accept things have been and are difficult at the moment.

Regards Mark

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