UK: 12/5/23. Letter To Mark From Steve at Cruelty Free International (CFI). Appears The UK Government HAS BEEN SECRETLY Granting Licenses For Cosmetic Testing Since Feb. 2019. Information and Action Links Below.

Update 12/5/23 – I have been contacted directly by Steve at Cruelty Free International regarding the issue of UK animal testing for cosmetics.  I show his full response below which covers how the UK governmentHome Office disclosed that it had been secretly granting licences to test for cosmetics since February 2019”.

I have also included additional info from the CFI site and also a link to the site.  They have actions which you can take, so I suggest that a visit there is a good starter.  Obviously, people can write to their own MP’s about this all based on the info provided.

Regards Mark.


Hi Mark


Cruelty Free International issued the following statement yesterday:

“Unfortunately, the Prime Minister is misinformed about the Government’s position on animal testing for cosmetics. A policy banning such tests was first introduced in 1998. However, in a letter to Cruelty Free International in August 2021, the Home Office admitted that the policy had ‘changed’ (i.e. been abandoned), to bring the UK into line with an EU ruling in a case called Symrise.

“When Cruelty Free International challenged the new approach in a recent judicial review, the Home Office disclosed that it had been secretly granting licences to test for cosmetics since February 2019. A High Court judge ruled that legally it was entitled to, based on his interpretation of EU general chemicals legislation known as REACH and its relationship with the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

“Importantly, however, the judge also said that there was nothing to prevent the Government from reinstating the policy ban. This is what the Government said in 2015 in the context of another judicial review:

‘… For the avoidance of any doubt, we are advising you that the current UK ban on testing cosmetics in animals is an absolute ban… No licence authorising the testing of cosmetics (finished products or ingredients) has been issued since 1998 … The UK’s policy ban remains in place even where EU legislation would appear to require or permit such testing’.

“The Government also said separately that the policy applied to worker safety testing. The Prime Minister’s statement refers to tests ‘for the consumer’. Whether labelled as consumer or worker safety, the animal tests are identical. The Government is now unquestionably once more allowing cosmetics testing on animals for the benefit of consumers.

“The 2015 statements constitute the policy the Government abandoned in 2019, paving the way for cosmetics testing on animals once again.

All the PM needs to do is to reinstate the policy. The Government does not have to slavishly follow legislation coming from the EU. It should do what the overwhelming majority of British people want.”

Please let me know if you need any further information.




UK government admits it secretly abandoned cosmetics animal testing ban in 2019 | Cruelty Free International

The UK government has admitted that it secretly abandoned the UK’s ban on animal testing for cosmetics in 2019 – but as part of the ruling in our Judicial Review of the policy, a High Court judge has told the Home Office that it can reinstate the ban.

Click on the above link to continue reading more from CFI.

CFI website:

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