Victim and perpetrator



Many people buy sheep and goat milk products without worrying about where this milk comes from.
Dairy companies often produce ads where happy lambs and goats graze in beautiful green fields.

lämmer auf der Wiesejpg
But the reality of how that milk ended up on your supermarket shelf is cruel.
Cruel and deliberately kept in the dark.
Just like the cows, sheep and goats are forcibly impregnated and their babies are taken away from them within hours after birth.
Because the milk they produce is for a few billion consumers who don’t care about animal suffering.

lämmlein sieht die Schlachtpg

The mothers are treated like milking machines and their babies are locked away as if they were objects, like uncomfortable by-products, thrown away to be killed at a later date.

Their life is hell on earth.
WE, human beings have made animal life hell.

We act with our own judiciary.
Equipped with perfidious, ice-cold, cynical morality, we still remain barbarians towards the animal.

We value a high culture at every opportunity, and thereby commit the most hideous atrocities on millions of defenseless creatures every day.

“Only when this simple and undoubtedly valid truth has reached the people’s consciousness that the animals are mainly and essentially the same as we are, will the animals no longer stand as lawless beings”.
Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher

weisses LämmleinpgAnd the next victim is already selected for the Easter circus.


My best regards to all, Venus

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