Day: February 14, 2020

Germany: The horror of the pig boxes remains for the time..


Today the Federal Council should talk about the illegal box stall

We have reported about it, do you remember?


banane rep deutschlandpg

That these metal prisons are still allowed at all seems impossible in a country like Germany, which has – at least in theory – anchored animal welfare as a state goal in the Basic Law.

In the previous version of the Animal Welfare Livestock Ordinance (1), Section 5 states §24 (4)
“Box stands must be designed in such a way that…

1) the pigs cannot injure themselves and
2) each pig can stand up freely, lie down and stretch its head and side limbs”

But now the Federal Government, together with Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU), wants to simply delete the part of the regulation that stipulates that the sows in the crates should at least be able to stretch their limbs and head in the lying position.

Instead of ensuring that at least existing laws and corresponding legal judgments are complied with, the economic interest of farmers is increased and animal cruelty is legalized once again. Julia Klöckner wants to extend the illegal boxes for another 17 years!!!

The issue was originally supposed to be decided on Friday (February 14th, 20) by the Federal Council – but was removed from the agenda at short notice. The ordinance said the topic could be discussed at a next meeting at the request of a state or the federal government.

This could happen on March 13 at the earliest.,RqOZvx5

The pain of the pigs remains


Peta’s information is a bit different: Update February 2020

On February 14, 2020, the Federal Council actually wanted to vote on the draft ordinance from the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, to amend the animal welfare livestock ordinance and thus to subsequently legalize the cruel crates for animals!!!

However, the decision was postponed indefinitely.


demo gegen KlöcknerImage: Animal Equality / Petition handed over to pig crates


Under “indefinitely” we can also imagine 17 years.

My best regards to all, Venus

UPDATE: Man Arrested After Starving Dog to Death in Wire Cage UPDATE: Man Arrested After Starving Dog to Death in Wire Cage.



SIGN: Justice for Dog Abandoned in Wire Cage to Die

UPDATE: Man Arrested After Starving Dog to Death in Wire Cage

Posted by Jane Wolfe | February 13, 2020


Following an extensive investigation, Butler County police have arrested a man accused of deserting a three-year-old dog in a wire cage, leaving the poor animal to slowly die of starvation.

When a postal worker found the skeletal remains of the Cane Corso puppy in an abandoned motel parking lot in Liberty Township, Ohio, he instantly knew the dog had been severely neglected, leading to the innocent creature’s painful and needless death.

“From looking at the animal, you can literally see every bone in [his] body,” lead dog warden Kurt Merbs told WLWT.

Sheriff Richard K Jones says that a tip has now led to the apprehension of Clarence Thomas Jr., who has been charged with abandoning animals and prohibitions concerning companion animals. The accused is being held in the Butler County Jail.

“We posted this case on social media to get the word out that not only were we looking for the subject responsible for this heinous act,” Jones said in a release, “but to let offenders know, you can run, but you cannot hide.”

The arrest follows a Lady Freethinker petition urging authorities to find the suspect. Huge thanks to all of you who have signed — and thank you, law enforcement, for finding this dog’s killer.  Now, we must keep speaking out to ensure this case ends in justice.

If you haven’t, please sign to ensure the guilty party is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including a life-long ban on having animals.


WAV Comment:  Petition link if you still wish to sign:



China: Petition – They Throw Their Pets From Buildings !



WAV Comment:

So the Chinese government are basically refusing to take responsibility for contaminating the world just because they are useless at making laws !

If the livestock animals markets where the virus had originated had been controlled with decent, effective animal welfare legislation, then we would not have seen the tragic pictures of rats being skinned on tiled floors; with blood everywhere. 

Look at it here:


Two workers are skinning rodents


Now more than ever, the Chinese government needs to step up to the plate and accept responsibility that what has happened now is a direct result of themselves NOT having any national legislation to protect animals in markets and more, such as the original market facility where this all started.

Do we have sympathy for them ? – no; we see this as a payback for the ignorance that the Chinese government has shown regarding lack of animal welfare legislation since time started.

The Huanan Seafood Market in the central city of Wuhan is now under scrutiny


This is not a companion animal issue; yet here we are below supporting a petition which asks people not to throw their cats and dogs and other companion animals out of their ‘home’ windows to their deaths !

Porcupines on sale in the market


Mark has just spoken with Animals Asia regarding the Chinese government and animal welfare legislation; basically saying that if they do not learn from this, what will they ever learn ?

We give our support to Animals Asia with all their work, as we know they are trying to help people with getting food into domestic pets.

It is time for change in China – big animal welfare legislation; and we want it now.



They throw their pets from buildings to fight the Coronavirus


They throw their pets from buildings to fight the Coronavirus


This Chinese government madness has ordered China to its citizens to get rid of their pets before the outbreak of Coronavirus that is killing so many people.


petition keyboard



They throw their pets from buildings!


Addressed to: President Xi Jimping, Chinese Government

This madness has ordered China to its citizens to get rid of their pets before the outbreak of Coronavirus that is killing so many people. I believe it is a punishment from God for all that they do to animals for hundreds of years.

Thank you,’s team







China: Crisis Time for the AA Bear Sanctuary Located In the Worst Hit Region. Supplies and Food Are Short; Transport Links In Shutdown. Please Donate NOW To Keep the Bears and Staff Healthy.



AA Yogi


While others try to leave, our brave and selfless staff are rushing back to the danger zone. I couldn’t be prouder… please show them your support as they battle food and medication shortages… all to keep the bears healthy.

This is a crisis like no other…
I’m asking for your urgent help

Dear Mark,

The impact of the coronavirus is already hitting hard here at our China bear sanctuary.

Medications, face masks and disinfectant are all getting harder to find… even deliveries of food and water are under threat. And prices are going up by the day.
Please help us through this devastating crisis…
The implications for the bears, and other animals who rely on us for help, are truly frightening. Please give what you can to our Crisis Action Fund and help us – and the animals – through this devastating time.

Your gift today will help us pay for urgent veterinary supplies… face masks, antiseptic soap, syringes, swabs, surgical gloves… and most importantly, the bears’ medicines.
The worst thing is the uncertainty. We just don’t know how long this deadly virus will last. But we do know the impact will last for months, not weeks. And we know that this crisis is worsening day by day.
To make a donation to support the bears and the AA team in this crisis; please go to:


Our greatest fear is that transport restrictions and panic buying will mean we can’t get enough basic food, water and medicines for both staff and bears. Even locally sourced supplies like fruit and vegetables are drying up.

Our hearts go out to those directly affected by this devastating virus. As I write this, tens of thousands of people are confirmed as positive and hundreds have died…
By the time you’re reading this, the situation will be even worse.
… most of these cases are in Wuhan, Hubei Province, the epicentre of the virus. And unfortunately, we’re almost next door. Sichuan province, the home of our China sanctuary, and our Nanning rescue site are close to Hubei. So we’re directly affected by the new regulations in place to contain the virus. Lockdowns and transport restrictions are taking a heavy toll.

aa october 17


But among this devastation are stories of courage and kindness that go to the core of what this big Animals Asia family means to us all.

Our embattled China team is giving all that they have to ensure our rescued bears (and other animals too) have the care that they need.
This is bravery in action. And I’ll share some of these
inspiring stories with you soon…

Like millions across China, our staff and volunteers are facing high prices and shortages of food, water and medical supplies, mostly because of panic buying and onerous (but necessary) transport restrictions. And of course there’s the constant danger of infection.

We’ve increased our already rigorous bio-security measures at our rescue sites. And we’re planning ahead for any contingency that could arise as the situation rapidly deteriorates.
AA sep 27 1


But most of all we need your help. Will you support the bravest bear team in China?
We’ve already started sending in basic vet equipment from afar to keep our staff and bears safe. But this is very expensive. Your kind gift today will help us secure much-needed supplies like face masks, surgical gloves, disinfectant soap, food and, crucially, medications for the bears.

The truth is that without you, we’re simply not going to get through this. Please, please… give what you can today.

With hope and gratitude,

Jill Robinson MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder and CEO, Animals Asia

PS Our mainland China and Hong Kong offices are closed and our community outreach activities are suspended throughout the country. But all our staff are working harder than ever from home or in the field.

PPS Follow events with us as they unfold on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



We have helped the bears today with support – can you please ? – this is a very major crisis – WAV


Dear Mark,

On behalf of our courageous staff and volunteers on the ground in China, thank you so much.

This is a frightening time, filled with uncertainty. But your kind support gives us immense strength and hope as we prepare for what the next few months might bring.

Your generous donation will soon be put to work helping us source food, water and vital medical equipment, which will help to keep the bears and our dedicated staff safe.

In the meantime, please will you help us reach more people by sharing our appeal on Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already?

Below is a summary of your generous gift for your records:


Date: 2020-02-14

We promise to keep you updated as things progress. Thank you once again, from the bottom of my heart, for standing with us when we need you most.

With all my gratitude,

Jill Robinson,
Founder & CEO

PS By sharing this appeal with your friends on Facebook and Twitter you can help us reach more kind and caring people, like you. You’ll also be helping to ensure that our China team has enough supplies to keep the bears well cared for in the coming months. Big bear hugs of thanks for all that you do.

Japan: Entire Pod of Whales Slaughtered by Hunters – and Taiji Dolphin Hunt Again Exposed in New Footage.



Horrifying photo shows entire pod of whales slaughtered by hunters.


Whales are hauled behind a boat after they are slaughtered by Japanese hunters. Source: Dolphin Project


An entire pod of whales has been killed by Japanese hunters according to a report from a prominent animal welfare charity who witnessed the event.

Dolphin Project shared horrifying photographs of 35 small melon-headed whales huddled together before their deaths.

In an accompanying post to social media, the group detailed the pod’s last moments as they were forced into what is known as the “killing cove” in Taiji, Japan on Tuesday.

“For sentient, self-aware, intelligent and intensely social animals, the level of suffering involved in the entire drive and slaughter process is unimaginable,” they said.

The pod of melon-headed whales huddled together before they were slaughtered. Source: Dolphin Project

“No lives were spared.”

The activists then captured the aftermath of the hunt, sharing images online of slaughtered dolphins with their tails tied together.

Dolphin Project founder Ric O’Barry told Yahoo News Australia he hopes the horrifying images will create change in Japan.

“(The hunt is) depressing, sadistic, but most of all unnecessary,” he said.

“This dolphin slaughter will end when the Japanese people rise up against it.

“Today’s exceptionally cruel event in Taiji is a good example of why it’s imperative to keep live streaming, why it’s important to keep a light on Taiji during the entire six months of the annual dolphin slaughter.”

Ric O’Barry is calling on tourists to stop visiting dolphin parks. Source: Dolphin Project


Japanese opposition to whale killing season

A growing number of Japanese nationals have been protesting against the hunt, and there has been a decline in the popularity of dolphin and whale meat.

At the beginning of the season each year, the dolphin hunt receives global attention, but as it continues on that coverage fades.

Mr O’Barry blames the continuation of the slaughter on the dolphin park industry, noting that many of them send trainers to the region to buy wild caught dolphins.

This year the dolphin drive quota is 1749, which includes 298 bottlenose dolphins and 200 melon-headed whales.

Once the trainers select the most prized dolphins for their theme parks the others are killed.

Few are released.

This year Dolphin Project volunteers have filmed the slaughter using both cameras and drones, live streaming it on social media to raise awareness.

The activists say they will continue their work in Taiji, sharing news from the Cove each day until the season ends in March.