In the EU: Mass murderers against migratory birds

Migratory bird hunting season starts: In most EU countries the hunting season for migratory birds starts these days.
The stalking has already started in Malta and Cyprus, in France 1.2 million hunters stand for the start of the season on September 13th. Gun at your feet, the 700,000 Italian hunting license holders lay down on September 20. Come on!!

Depending on the country, up to 50 species are approved for shooting. In addition to ducks, pigeons, and chicken birds, various songbirds and waders can also be killed in most southern European countries.

The annual hunting range is around 50 million birds, including around 10 million song thrushes, over 1.3 million skylarks, and around 100,000 lapwings.

Lovebirds (photo) are also very popular with hunters – although the bird of the year 2020 is endangered throughout Europe, between 2 and 3 million lovebirds are shot legally every year!

And I mean…And that happens in the EU!!!
In the EU, whose countries call themselves civilized

And the EU calls this mass murder legal hunting.

And that’s not mentioned anywhere in the media!!

The hunting lobby extends to the highest levels of government many politicians are hunters … The lobby goes up to the highest levels of government ..That’s why everyone wants to keep the fun of shooting everything around! and therefore it is difficult to change anything.

Add to that the whole shit like tradition, you can also see the same crimes in other areas like bullfighting, whaling etc.

What criminal politicians are we governed by …
what criminal journalism are we being informed about …
and let us become a society without empathy, without conscience, without action…

My best regards to all, Venus

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